Baby Lemon

6 week ultrasound

Wow, we have just been showered with so much excitement around this new baby – it has brought us so much joy! Thank you all for the love. You all have been on so many adventures in the past few years with us and your response to our news was fun. After being diagnosed with [...]


One More


oh…and one more thing… We are THRILLED to announce that I am pregnant with baby Harris #4!!!! Expecting the newest addition to our family in late September! Thanks again to our dear friend Matt who took the time to take some family photos with his fancy camera and great eye. He put up with A [...]


HodgePodge March


Ruby Have I told you how her fussing has diminished DRASTICALLY? Aside from always wanting to be on my hip, she doesn’t fuss in the car as much anymore – actually not at all. She has been AMAZING. The only thing I can contribute it to is figuring out her sleeping schedule. I’ve ALWAYS thought [...]


4 Years


We went out to eat the other day and a little boy came up to Lindy and they started playing. I guessed he was probably 4 years old! My mind raced of seeing Lindy with a little brother and how they would communicate. Dale asked how old he was, 3 years old. I was a [...]


HodgePodge February 2013


A mess of stories for you! Did I ever tell you about the time that all my fish in my fish tank (75 GALLONS worth) died? Ugh. Before Thanksgiving my aquarium heater broke, so I ordered a new one. But, it didn’t come before we left on vacation. Subsequently, my husband turned down the heat [...]


Giving Birth – A Parody


To all of my c-section mothers -this one is for YOU! Giving birth to my 3 children was the most significant and empowering moment that I have ever experienced. I had an entirely new sense of control and knew instinctively what to do…during my 3 c-sections. It was definitely everything, every woman would like it [...]