Foster Brent Eugene


He is here! Introducing Foster Brent Eugene Harris! 7lbs 9oz. I don’t even know how long he is. I guess I should ask. Ha. Born this morning at 8:31am. Foster is just a name we like and coincidentally the name of the street in Chicago where I went to school. Brent in honor of my [...]


Let’s have this baby!


We are off!! Tuesday night driving back to Pittsburgh to have this baby by the end of the week! Some yummy, local, peaches in tow for our friends! – I’ve never tasted a better peach. Now, of course, we shall see how they hold up until we get there. We arrived to very gracious friends [...]


34 Weeks


Now that we’ve taken care of a few of our major life changes, I’ve finally had some mental capacity to think about this next baby who will be joining us in less than 4 weeks! I haven’t had a lot of time to think about him and to dream about him and to obsess. Kind [...]


A Few Major Life Changes


As many of you knew, after Dale graduated from GRAD school, we were planning on a move somewhere – there just weren’t jobs in Pittsburgh for his degree. After 5 months and 30 minutes (yes, we finally just gave an ultimatum), we got the offer we wanted from a company in the Lancaster area. We [...]


The Well is Running!


We have great news! I finally received word from Charles in Nigeria that the well is up and running! The small village is getting water! It took us quite a bit of time to actually get the money to them. I don’t know if I mentioned earlier that I tried to send via Wester.n Un.ion [...]


28 Weeks – Baby #4


28 Weeks this week! If you are doing the math, that means baby comes in 9 weeks! When I say it THAT way it seems so freakin’ close! We had our heart scan with the pediatric cardiologist last week and everything with the heart looked good. Now if you remember correctly, I had a routine [...]