Merry Christmas 2013


Well folks. Many of you might have received our Christmas card in the mail. We really enjoyed creating and sending this one out this year. It all started wtih a brainstroming session just a few days ago and Dale saying “why don’t we just take a picture RIGHT NOW in our living room and send [...]


Christmas Project 2013

Many of you were a part of our 2012 Family Christmas project, where we raised money to build a well in a remote village in Nigeria for my friend’s Amanda and Barnabas’ family. It was AN AMAZING experience to be a part. We all raised over $3,000 in less than 45 days and then got [...]


Two Months




One Month


My baby is 4 weeks old already! I have so much to say, so much to share! THIS baby experience is so redeeming. Can I say that? Seriously. He is such a good baby. I guess I should say, it is nice to not have so much trauma with the birth of a child. Even [...]


The Story – Part 1


I’m sitting here crying again (yes, I’ve been crying a lot). I am completely overwhelmed by how in love I am with this little guy. I am overwhelmed by how much more you can enjoy a newborn when they are in your arms, when you are home, when there is no schedule, when you don’t [...]


Soul Vomit

As I sat down to wait for Foster to wake up to feed him, he was so calm and peaceful. Beautiful. Then the young, student nurse comes in and rouses him awake by prodding and pulling and poking. She uses the wrong needle. He is SCREAMING, beat red after waking up to pain in his [...]