After the loss of our second child and over a year of secondary infertility, we secretly thought that God owed us a perfect pregnancy and birthing experience with our third child and maybe even a baby that was a good sleeper and a good eater…


We didn’t necessarily get those things, but we wouldn’t trade any of it for our Ruby, born July 25, 2011 with congenital heart defects. Ruby had joined the statistics, she was the 1 out of 100. We struggled with the feedings and sleeping, we were in and out of the hospital but most importantly her heart was successfully repaired on October 6, 2011. Being a Type 1 Diabetic, I struggle wondering what I did wrong during my pregnancy but am reassured that it had nothing to do with my very well controlled diabetes.

Ruby is currently a bubbling little 6 month old who gives us so much joy and we thank God for her everyday.

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