Christmas Project 2013

Many of you were a part of our 2012 Family Christmas project, where we raised money to build a well in a remote village in Nigeria for my friend's Amanda and Barnabas' family. It was AN AMAZING experience to be a part. We all raised over $3,000 in less than 45 days and then got to see the well being built and being used to this day! It.was.awesome. And again, this year, my family is continuing our new tradition! Instead of giving gifts to each other (the adults), my family will raise funds for a specific cause - to help change the life of someone in a more meaningful way. We got tired of giving the target gift cards and the sweaters and the chocolate delicacies. Now, I know there is a place for those and I love my Target...don't get me wrong. We just want to direct our attention and money to something other than ourselves. We felt a more urgent need to share love with those in a tangible way. THIS YEAR, my lovely sister, April and her family chose the project and they have chosen something that is dear to their hearts. As many of you know, April and her husband Justin are stationed in Okinawa, Japan through the military. This is their 2nd tour in Japan and absolutely love living there. While in Japan, they have joined a great church and through the church have supported an orphanage in the Philippines. Gentle Hands, Inc. is a child and youth welfare agency on the front lines of rescue and rehabilitation of the medical, social and educational needs of at-risk children and youth in the Philippines. They work towards improving human community life through the love of Jesus and family centered care. April's family church has been a great part of them getting to know Gentles Hands. They have had quite a few families that have adopted from them, but also have many families who have gone on missions trips to help them in times of need. Our family will be donating the money that we would spend on gifts for each other to the orphanage, specifically trying to help them purchase a van to transport the children. If you'd like to join us, it is easier this year, you can click on the link below and donate directly to their organization. I won't be harassing all of you like I did last year, but some of you had asked so I wanted to share what we will be doing as a family! If you donate, please make a note on the donation page that it is for the "Zweigle Family Christmas Project" and we will be able to track the progress! Donate here! Hope you are all enjoying the advent season and soaking in the love of your families! … [Read more...]

The Well is Running!

We have great news! I finally received word from Charles in Nigeria that the well is up and running! The small village is getting water! It took us quite a bit of time to actually get the money to them. I don't know if I mentioned earlier that I tried to send via Wester.n Un.ion 2 times and it was denied. Well, we were able to successfully send the money through Barnabas here and the work began. Here are a few photos of the work: Running Water!!! We received a thank you letter and photos from Charles. We, the entire Agwuochas in Nigeria, wish to appreciate the generosity of all our benefactors in The United States of America and beyond. Really, you are friends in deed because you came to our aid when we were in need of good water. Presently, the water well is functioning/in a very good condition, courtesy of your benevolence. The family and many people in the village can now boast of good water after some years of ‘break-down’. We all appreciate and feel indebted to you. We have nothing to payback in the likeness of silver and gold. But, we promise to offer daily prayers asking God not to let “neither your pot of flour nor your jar of oil run dry” (to borrow the words of the prophet Elijah). We also pray that God will keep providing us with some money to run and maintain the water-well on daily basis given the high cost of power in Nigeria. This is crucial if water has to be provided on daily basis. Once more, thank you all and remain blessed in the Lord Jesus!! We are grateful to you all. Rev. Charles (For the family) NB: This letter is accompanied with some pictures covering the repair of the water-well and supply of good water. Take Care!! So, thank you to YOU all who donated for our family Christmas project in 2012. We can now celebrate Christmas in July knowing the village has running water. … [Read more...]

Well Money

Ok. So, we sent the money via West.ern Un.ion and on about day 5, we got messages saying our money didn't get there and was going to be refunded. So the money didn't get to Africa and the money is being refunded to my account. If you are following closely, that means the money is floating in cyber space right now. Very disappointed in West.ern Un.ion. We tried to do the free, easy route and it didn't work. So, we wait until the money is back in our account and then more than likely we will just go down to the grocery store and send 2 or 3 installments all at once (I can't remember the limit that we can send). I'll let you know when it is in cyber land headed the OTHER direction again. … [Read more...]