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*well, we have been so crazy the last 12 days that I never did update the blog. I have decided to write the next 12 days as if in real time...might be confusing but here goes! I will also be changing the dates so that 20 years from now it will be accurate* … [Read more...]

36 Weeks

As you can tell by the countdown clock...we only have a few more days. Yes, it had been decided a few weeks back that we have to do a c-section. It was a particularly rough day for me to give up my dreams of a VBAC but I am owning it now and have moved on. It doesn't have to be a traumatic c-section. I can drink some tea on the way to the hospital and waltz right in and get her out. The more I say it, the better I feel. I am scheduled for an amnio at 7:30am on Monday morning and a c-section at 1:30 in the afternoon! I tried to refuse the amnio but of course "hospital rules." They won't deliver early without doing it. Well, this past Monday didn't really go the way I thought it would go. Lets just consider it a "dry run" for when we DO go into the hospital to have this baby. Monday morning, I was having some slight cramping, felt like my period was going to start. Now, the logical side of me knew that it was probably just braxton hicks...but the freaked out part of me was thinking it was a very similar feeling the night Everett died. There really is no placental abruption felt like labor and had all the classic labor signs. My doctor asked me to track the contractions...I started at 9:30 this morning and as we got closer to noon, Dale and I just felt too nervous. I of course had been feeling her move and listened to her heart rate -she seemed to be just fine. I called my nurse again with a report and she was going to let me just keep tracking and if anything changed to call in. I interrupted her and said, honey, I would feel better coming in. These feelings are eerily similar to 2 years ago. When I said that, she said, OH!! Go straight to the hospital right now. I was 10 minutes from the hospital, on my way to pick up Lindy from her theatre camp class at her daddy's work -super convenient. The minute I saw Dale, I burst into tears. A mixture of emotions. He dropped everything, we had a dear friend at the same camp that was able to help with Lindy. I drove myself to the hospital, Dale was not far behind, just trying to arrange details for Lindy. I was taken to triage and the kind nurse let us listen for the heartbeat first before doing all the paperwork. A beautiful heartbeat. Sigh of relief. We monitored the heartrate and contractions for hours and then my doctor came in an checked on us. I LOVE that she is on the same page. She requested that we stay the night just to monitor everything closely. There was no cause for concern, everything looked just fine. She brought an ultrasound machine in to check the placenta and everything looked great. We were emotional wrecks those first few hours. We were still in triage, so a small room with a bed that the mattress kept falling out from underneath me. So uncomfortable to have to lay on your back on a bed like that. Had to get an IV since I was not allowed to eat after midnight...just in case we had to deliver the next day. I HATE IVs. I can't stand feeling them, looking at … [Read more...]

32 Weeks

Biggest frustration this week was seeing my endocrinologist today and finding my blood results a bit higher than I wanted. Luckily, I have a "guilt-free" doctor who doesn't seem concerned at all. He keeps saying "You do realize that is normal and supposed to happen right?" Yes, I know that towards the end here, insulin resistance is the game to play but it can be so frustrating when there is no rhyme or reason. I am up to 100+ units of insulin a day when I was just at 60 units 2 months ago. THAT IS A LOT OF resistance!! Good thing, my doctor has always got a plan. We are throwing out the carb counting and just jumping to a sliding scale. The numbers he gave me to use are drastic -my pump doesn't even allow me to take that much insulin in one setting; BUT IT WORKED tonight for dinner. Within an hour of eating, I was right where I should be. Hallelujah. Week 32 How Far Along: 32 weeks today! Anticipated Arrival Date: Who knows! The week of July 18th is week 36. I foresee last week in July if there are no complications; but week 36 has always brought about something in the we are just being realistic. Name Yet?: Thought we had a we don't. This one is HARD! Size of Baby: Roughly 3.75 pounds. Weight Gain: Now I can't remember my starting weight...I think I might be up to 16 pounds. Gotta ask my OB/GYN tomorrow. Sleep: So, I know I can sleep anytime anywhere, but just this week, I noticed my pattern of waking up every two hours. Literally. It was either the dog, the cat, Lindy or Dale or having to pee. So, I eliminated 2 of the distractions, the animals have been banished to the first floor so that I don't hear or see them on the second floor. I usually wake up to the kitty bell or the dog's nails clacking along the floor. Dale usually comes to bed later and every once in a while, Lindy will wake up for some reason. The first night I tried it out...I slept 5 HOURS straight and then...well, Lindy fell out of bed. BUT it was a good five hours. I felt completely different. So, now down to peeing 3 times a night. Not too bad! Movement:I LOVE this feeling. Love love love it. She is squirming and moving around a lot. I'm going to start officially kick counting. Gotta find a good system to do so. Today, I think I started to feel some Braxton Hicks, a good sign of things to come. Emotions: I feel the strong urge to start preparing for this baby. Dale and I are not quite on the same page and he is crazy busy with all kinds of other stuff. I just don't want to have reason for my blood pressure to go up, I'm a planner. If I feel that things are not ready, who knows what that could do to my pressure. We have come to sort of a compromise, so we'll get a few things done before she arrives. We know SO many people who don't do a thing until their rainbow baby comes home breathing...I just have to get a few things put together in HOPES that all goes smoothly. Swelling:This week, started to see and feel the phalanges swelling … [Read more...]