Not Me Monday November 20, 2011

It's back! McKmama has brought back "Not Me Mondays" where she posts her crazy stories by being brutaly honest. I have decided to post as well. Read some of my old ones. Surprisingly, this weeks has a lot to do with grossness. Weird. So, as I was trying to figure out this nursing thing with Ruby and trying to get my supply up, there is no WAY I even remotely considered having my 4 year old nurse so that my supply would be ramped up. Nope. I never would have had that conversation with my husband. Gross. Our washing machine broke. I went to the laundromat about 3 weeks ago and in the meantime, I haven't been able to find a few of our clothes, specifically, my favorite shirt. I decided I must have left something in a washing machine. I did go back last night to see if they had kept any clothing from the machines and I did NOT proceed to dig through bags of moldy laundry to try and find our stuff. Gross (P.S. I did not find the clothing). Lindy and I decided to tackle her room and get it cleaned. She tends to take out every piece of clothing in her dresser and throw them on the ground. When we were all done cleaning, she did not say, "Mommy, I found 3 rotten apples in my room. The more older they get the more rotten they get. The more rotten they get the more squishy they get." I always make sure her bedtime snack is cleaned up before I go to bed. I would NEVER let 3 apples rot on her nightstand before cleaning it up. Gross. … [Read more...]

Not Me Monday -the church version

Enjoy another brutally honest edition to the “Not Me Mondays”. McKmama created this fun category and I enjoy reading some of them. Our Church has a security system for the childcare building, parents have to wear a bright yellow name badge. It is very legit, if you forget, you have to put your name on the clipboard of shame and they give you a sticker to wear for the day. Shame Shame. I could not find my badge at the last minute so I did NOT put on my husband's badge and turn it over so that no one could see his name. Nope. not me. My husband works at a church on weekends, and I haven't sat in a service with him for years. His department has finally gotten to a point where he can sit with me in one service. YESTERDAY was the big day to sit beside my husband, he can put his arm around me. I was late getting into the service but I found 8 of our friends in a row with ONE seat left on the aisle. I did NOT ask all my friends to scootch to the center so that we could "create" a seat for my husband when he got there. Nope, I would not be THAT rude to our friends. AND, when my husband sat down... He did NOT sit down for the sermon and proceed to read his Russian History novel for school and I did NOT approve of it (In his defense, he already heard that sermons 3 times in the past 12 hours). On our way to church, an airplane was circling the city with a Geico banner. We see it all the time. I'm not sure what percentage of Geico's customers come from a airplane banner. Anyways, Lindy asked me what Geico meant and I proceeded to explain Geico to her which basically came out as a commercial. A few hours later, after church I heard her say "Geico can save you money!" I picked up Lindy at her Sunday School class and the teacher usually gives me a report of what Lindy has done in the class. Today, she did NOT tell me that my daughter "put on a show" that included a dead princess dancing (hmmm...where does she get this stuff?!) … [Read more...]

Not Me Monday March 15, 2010

So, I’ve been following this blog McKmama and she has created a fun posting called “Not Me Mondays” where we post our crazy stories by being brutally honest. Here’s a few I’d like to share. We ran out of bar soap in the shower. I always have a stockpile of soap in the basement, ya know because stores only sell like 12 packs at a time. I definitely did NOT go a month without soap in the shower because I kept forgetting to get the soap in the basement. No worries. We didn't go a month without ANY soap. I'm sure we smelt like Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash that whole time. I walked into Lindy's room to find that she was drawing on the wall. After asking her why she was doing that, she picked up an Olivia book and said, "I'm just doing what Olivia did." She DID not THEN JUST SAY, "But mom. It's a Caldecott Book" as if that gave her authority to do such an act. I DID find some reading in the bathroom and when I picked it up, I DID not find that my husband was subtly encouraging me with his art. See what I found below. If you can't read what it says, it includes "Poor Self Esteem Monthly" and "photo shopped" and "air brushed" (I did add some clothing to Jennifer just so I didn't offend some of you) … [Read more...]