Baby Chicks

You know me. I ADORE animals. Any kind of animal. Now of course, I have my favorites. Dogs are my favorite -BIG dogs. Cats will do, if I can't have a dog. You've seen all our stories for the past 8 years of animals. From the best dog in the whole world, to the bird that lived for 3 weeks, to the 2 cats that moved with us and never came home one day. Since we found a new church, we have been connecting with people and making new friends. We made a new friend who owns a dairy farm and she invited us out to see the new baby chicks that were coming in a week. That or I just invited myself, which I probably did. The chicks were to arrive on Friday. Only about 50 THOUSAND of them. ha. Let me tell you. I LOST SLEEP over it. So unimaginably excited to spend time on a farm, playing with animals. We talked about it everyday and then when the day arrived, Lindy couldn't stop talking about it and Ruby just had no idea what we were saying. 26,000 chicks in this picture. The building is only half full. Once they get another shipment, they open the end up and the building is another 250 feet longer! Lindy would pound on the black tubing and the chicks would come RUNNING to her. So odd but adorable. Yes, she is holding three chicks. Our friends Jane and Paul captioned these photos: Kitty is getting a hug. Kitty is getting a SECOND hug. Kitty is being VERY patient! And we ALMOST took a cat home with us. Oops They had a border collie dog - one of my favorite breeds. She was beautiful and had the perfect life - roaming on the farm as she pleases. We found 3 cats, saw 40 cows, baby calves, swans on the pond, and all the chicks. We had a great time out on the farm. The weather was beautiful, Foster cooperated (I was a tad bit intimidated taking 3 kids by myself) and we haven't stopped talking about it. Our new friend opened her home up to us and was so generous with her time. She had a lot going on at that very moment so her sweet daughter took us around and just jumped in and helped with the kids without me even asking. She said we could come anytime...we MIGHT just do that. Maybe they'll just give me a key. ;) What is YOUR favorite animal? Leave a comment below. P.S. We went and ate at Chick-Fil-A afterwards. tee hee. … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas 2013

Well folks. Many of you might have received our Christmas card in the mail. We really enjoyed creating and sending this one out this year. It all started wtih a brainstroming session just a few days ago and Dale saying "why don't we just take a picture RIGHT NOW in our living room and send it out." And thus, we have our Christmas card. We said we'd only take ONE shot and send it but the first picture revealed a bald spot on the carpet, so we quickly threw some random junk there and took another picture. In the meantime, Ruby had put her pants back on. We take another picture and so on and so forth. I think it took 20 tries. We hope you enjoy. Let us know if you found all the items or not! Merry Christmas! … [Read more...]

Soul Vomit

As I sat down to wait for Foster to wake up to feed him, he was so calm and peaceful. Beautiful. Then the young, student nurse comes in and rouses him awake by prodding and pulling and poking. She uses the wrong needle. He is SCREAMING, beat red after waking up to pain in his heel. The nurse has to prick him again. He gets upset ALL over again. She has to push on his heel to get the blood to come out - lots of pressure. Does she know what she is doing? I cringe. No child should enter the world this way. And I feel responsible. I sit there, helpless. I can't get up to comfort him, the nurse is in the way. I can't even get up because I just had major surgery 7 hours prior. I have tears just streaming down my face, at one point, I am sobbing. I HATE thinking that my child is starting out life with so much pain. Yes, in perspective, heel pricks on a scale of EVERYTHING else that could happen, are minimal, but no matter, it makes me bawl. It makes my son scream. It makes me think for just a second, I should never have brought broken children into this world. Then, she hands him to me, all sweaty and upset. I soothe him, feed him and caress him. Then as I'm looking over his body - exploring this little guy who just came out of my body, I notice that both hands are bruised and bloody. Looks as though someone tried to get his IV in - FOUR TIMES. My poor baby has war wounds and he hasn't even been around for 1 full day. I get angry thinking that it was probably that same young student who didn't know what she was doing. In my heart, I blame her. I know I am being unfair. My eyes are so swollen from crying, I'm sure it looks as though I have a deathly ill child. I start to feel really sorry for myself - for what I am missing out on. We are going down the EXACT same road we went on with Ruby and Lindy. I think to myself, I might as well not even try to nurse him because we all know that it doesn't keep their blood sugars up - making them stay even longer. I'm confused. No one can tell me what I should do but history tells me to just give it up. Formula will just have to do. I start to question whether or not God loves me or my children. Wondering if my prayers and those who are praying for us - if those just don't work. It is not like we've only been praying TODAY. I've been praying EVERYDAY that God would spare him of all this pain - spare ME of all this pain. That God would give me something normal. And we were SO CLOSE, or so I thought! We were teased. 3 FULL HOURS of holding him and snuggling him straight out of the womb. Yes, we were worried but I had so much hope! Maybe I did something right?!! We were gonna get away with him! All the compliments from the staff. You must have had really good control of your diabetes - his size is perfect. He's not too big. His sugars, your sugars are perfect. Me actually believing that it makes a difference. And it doesn't. The NICU nurses come and I have to … [Read more...]