HodgePodge June 2013

Well, hello. Anyone still there? It has been a while hasn't it? I promised about 8 years ago that I would never apologize about not blogging - since, well, it is MY blog. HA. But I want to say that I have missed it! I have so much to tell you! Life has been a whirlwind around here. From traveling to Kansas with the girls solo, In-laws here to help and play, Kindergarten graduation, to Dale graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with his M.F.A. to summer starting, potty training a 22 month old, interviewing for jobs and uncertain about our future, to already being halfway through this pregnancy! WOW! We are 24 weeks this week! Viability! Which means if the baby was born tomorrow, it has a small chance of surviving, albeit with a host of possible long term complications. We are just thrilled for everyday we get with this pregnancy. We know what it is like to wake up one day and things change instantly; never to be the same again. Whether it be bedrest for 12 weeks or a unheard of diagnosis - we are coasting through, praying for a safe pregnancy and birth. Last I blogged, we found out it was a boy. We are ELATED. We had my father-in-law put the colored balloons (We didn't know the color) in a big box and then we as a family opened it up to reveal the color - BLUE! We wanted this one to be a boy, aching for this one to be a boy. Not to replace Everett, but a son for our family, a boy for Dale to pass on his man stuff to, a boy for me since I didn't get that experience before. Of course, 3 little girls would have been adorable too. Let me tell you about a few things that happened in the past 2 months... Trip to Kansas I am so far out from the trip to Kansas, I'm disappointed I didn't write it all down sooner. You'll just get the abbreviated version. Towards the middle of May, we decided to fly back to Kansas where I grew up and visit my mom and celebrate in the annual town holiday "All Schools Day". It was the 100th year, so how could one miss it? And Dale was trying to wrap up his thesis, so we got out of town and gave him a good week to work without distractions. I have to admit. I was a little freaked out about flying with the girls by myself, rather flying with 22 month old, crazy Ruby. She is a HOT MESS and all I could envision was her being a terror on 2 flights there and 2 flights back. I was getting ulcers thinking about it. I also haven't flown with all my latest diabetic gear so I knew that I had to get pat down instead of walking through the machines. My anxiety level was a little high. So, we got Dale a gate pass and he was able to walk through with us and wait for the plane. And it went PERFECTLY on the way down! Even with the airline delay. Both girls fell asleep on the second flight without a peep. It.was.divine. Here we go to Kansas! Grandma's House! We had a wonderful visit with my mom. There is nothing like showing up and not having to parent for a few days. It.was.bliss. We had … [Read more...]

HodgePodge February 2013

A mess of stories for you! Did I ever tell you about the time that all my fish in my fish tank (75 GALLONS worth) died? Ugh. Before Thanksgiving my aquarium heater broke, so I ordered a new one. But, it didn't come before we left on vacation. Subsequently, my husband turned down the heat to 52 degrees before we walked out the door. When you don't have heat in a fish tank during freezing weather, your fish freeze to death. We came home to find all the fish floating in water that was absolutely FRIGID. Poor things!!! And I've had most of those fish for more than 3 years. Bummer. That is a really expensive habit to go down the drain. Needless to say, we haven't spent the money to refill the tank with fish. That would be hundreds of dollars. What else was I supposed to tell you? Oh yeah, the time I thought I ran over somebody? So, Ruby and Lindy and I are in the car and as I turn the corner, over a pedestrian walkway mind you, I hear this HORRID noise and my car is having a hard time turning. I immediately thought I ran over somebody. Which, by the way, I don't know how that happens. We've had 2 friends in 6 months get hit by cars while they were out running. I just don't get it. Are these drivers texting? Do they not give enough room on the side? Are they distracted? I don't text while I am actively driving (I might send a text at a red stoplight). So, I pulled over and inspected under the car. Nothing. Drove a bit, straight for a while, no sound. Then turned a corner again and the sound was back. Pulled into a driveway and made sure I didn't drive over anybody again. Phew. Apparently an axle in my car broke. So glad I didn't hit somebody with the car. … [Read more...]

HdgePdge October

1. My 31st birthday was lovely yesterday. I woke up to find out that my dear friends Faith and Hope were going to come over and play. Let me just tell you. I like people around -A LOT. It was nice to not just sit around by myself all morning (of course with Ruby and all). The girls came over and we did some schoolwork...which I am ashamed to say. I had to look up how to solve the square feet of a parallelogram. And I really had to sit and think about what a suffix was and syllable. WOW. This 5th grade stuff is HARD. At one point, I am skyping with Dale to work on the parallelogram. Ha. They played with Ruby. We went to Wendy's for my birthday lunch. And the best part about these girls...they LOVE to help do ANYTHING. So, we went to the dungeons of my basement and sorted through baby clothing. Heck, I sent them home with a HUGE bag of clothing for their dolls. Had another friend stop by for a visit - it was a nice morning. Then, Dale and Lindy came home complete with presents and Dale made the annual Chicken Cordon Bleu and then topped dinner off with a burnt almond torte. Now folks. In my ahem, older age, I have found myself liking all this crazy stuff that I wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole just 5 years ago. This cake is covered in almonds. I would have stopped there but technically they are CANDIED almonds. Yum. Custard in the middle. DELISH. And the bakery SHIPS these tortes all over the country because they are so good. Check it out Prantls. Order one. I dare you. Then tell me how they taste having been shipped across country. I knew what present Dale had gotten for me; only because we had to make a gigantic Amazon order a month ago and we decided to lump in the birthday present too to save money. I received PROFESSIONAL face paints!!!!! I am as excited as a schoolgirl on Christmas morning. Who would have thought it? And everyday since, I have painted Lindy's face a few times a day. We have a party scheduled this weekend for all our little friends to come get their faces painted - or rather - so I can practice on them. I would LOVE to get into it and actually be hired out someday for parties. I'll post some photos of what I accomplish...overall, it was a great day celebrating. Thank you all for your well wishes! 2. Having a husband that can do a little bit of everything around the house is so wonderful and very cost effective. Just this weekend, we probably saved $200 on our furnace. It wasn't working and Dale tinkered around for a good 2 hours - fixed it. He continuously fixes our cars so we don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get them fixed. I am proud of what he accomplishes and really impressed. Just wish I saw him more. Only 1.5 semesters to go!!!!!!! 3. We tried to submit the loss of all the contents of our stolen car through insurance and that was a bust. Technically we had to go through home owners because car insurance only does the car, NOT the contents inside. We have a THOUSAND dollar deductible! So irritated … [Read more...]