A Few Major Life Changes

As many of you knew, after Dale graduated from GRAD school, we were planning on a move somewhere - there just weren't jobs in Pittsburgh for his degree. After 5 months and 30 minutes (yes, we finally just gave an ultimatum), we got the offer we wanted from a company in the Lancaster area. We also knew that once we got the offer, it was going to be a QUICK transition. We had a lot of things to take care of. Selling our house Finding a new school for Lindy Finding a new house Moving New job for Dale Baby Lemon coming by October If you are counting, that is 6 major life changes? I think you're only supposed to have one of these a year - if that. What can I say? We like adventure? We accepted the job offer on a Monday, with the help of SO MANY FRIENDS and family staged our house by Wednesday, drove to Lancaster to find housing/schools, house went on the market by Thursday, back to Pittsburgh on Friday with housing ideas. My mom came to help us pack! Called Monday to confirm a place to live - first 3 places GONE over the weekend. 8 ladies from church came over and packed my ENTIRE HOUSE, Tuesday confirmed a place to live and overnighted checks to secure, going away party hosted by my friend Jan, moving truck came on Thursday, going away party on Friday and then we were off!! Holy cow. FAST. Arriving at our new place on Friday night - the moving truck with all our stuff to arrive on Monday. Arrived to a beautiful sunset at our new place. No toys, but we found the local library! My sister and husband greeted us here at our new place on Monday and helped us unpack almost EVERY single necessary box - helping us to get settled. It was amazing. We have now been in our new place here in Ephrata for 3 weeks! Glad to say we are 'settled' and only a handful of boxes remain to be dug through. Just can't make myself find homes for the 8 "junk boxes" that we ended up with. Dale started work this week and BOY is it a PERFECT job for him right now. I joke, it is actually a great job for his ADHD. He goes into work, not knowing which building he is working in or who he is working for or what he is doing. It changes by the day, actually by the hour. He is working for a company that builds entertainment stages/sets. Pretty awesome stuff. Since we got here with time to spare, we've been able to do all the fun back to school stuff with Lindy's school. Play date with the moms at the park, connected with a mom who came over the next day and gave me a BUNCH of uniforms for Lindy (how awesome is that?!), a family in our development invited us for Sunday lunch, and connected us with a babysitter already who has come by twice a week already for my doctor's appointments. Lindy conquered riding her bike on the flat pavement here in our neighborhood and Ruby is just taking all this new stuff very easily. The saddest part to our trip (besides leaving all those we love in Pittsburgh of course) is our cats. They made it … [Read more...]

What void are you filling?

I had a rare opportunity to go on a date with Lindy over dinner, Ruby free, meaning; no fussing, no wrangling a toddler while trying to eat, no high blood pressure -just calm, time to focus on my 6 year old. While we were waiting outside to be seated, I checked my phone. I guess looking to see if Dale had called. Lindy wanted to play "hide the princess wand" so I obliged - all the while texting a friend some non-critical information. Checked my phone to see if my friend replied. We were sat for dinner, I checked my phone - maybe Ruby was giving Dale a hard time. Within a simple 25 minutes, I checked my phone 5 times. ridiculous. Each time I thought about my phone, pangs of guilt crept up. Why do I need to check my phone right now? Can't I eat dinner for 45 minutes without checking my phone?!! In the back of my mind, thinking of this exact blog post that I've wanted to write for a year. Shaking my head at myself. I've even tried to play the game "don't look at my phone over dinner". I am sad to admit my own behavior with technology is no different than the majority in this world; my computer, face.book, my phone, - and I don't even have a smartphone! I still just have a teenage girl texting phone! (We are cheap) I am addicted though, needing to get my fix all the time, any time, throughout the day. Ironically, I am spending 2 hours on my computer tonight to write this post. When I sit down and think about it, what is it that I really need from other people ALL the time? Because, that is what it is....a need to be filled by someone else. Of course, I can suggest that I check face.book ALL THE TIME so that I don't miss ANY special announcement and so I don't have to scroll through 25 pages worth of people's lives to catch up from yesterday. Because in fact, I'm only checking, texting, (I can't even say blogging because I'm not consistent enough with it, ha), because I am filling a void in my life - filling a space, a hole. And I'm filling it with -other people. In our world of chaos and business and tweets and texts, I believe silence is escaping our souls. It is a stealthy (is that a word? It just doesn't flow right) idol; we don’t think twice about browsing the internet for hours or checking our messages 10 times a day, but we are filling the void in our souls with constant connection with others. As I sat at dinner at restaurant with my husband a few weeks ago, I looked around and I did not find more than 2 people who were distraction free, meaning they did not have a phone in hand, on the table, or vibrating in their pockets, or answered it during dinner. Who ARE we that we cannot go to dinner without having our phones on the table in front of us?! Do you know who visits us in our silence, in the quiet spot of our souls? Our Maker. He meets us in that silence. Now, I’m not suggesting that God doesn’t speak to us through the fabulous NIV translation on our fancy phones, but I am suggesting that … [Read more...]

Best Dog in the World

Well. Today was the day. Such a sad sad day. I can't really talk without crying. We put our beloved dog Indiana down today. a.k.a. Dr. Jones, Deanna, Jones, Jonezy As I said it everyday this week, it became more and more real. The more I talked about it, the easier it was to not change my mind. You see, I think Indiana could have lived another year or so. No one would know if they just walked into our house and met him for the first time (other than the fact he might have peed all over your leg). Just this morning, I changed my mind like 18 times. I woke up just sick to my stomach and so incredibly sad. To look at him, he looked fine; but I knew. I'd rather do this now than wait until he gets worse. His accidents started to get more frequent. Just the other day we cleaned up 4 accidents in one day. We've been doing this for over a year now and it is not getting any better, nor do I think it will. Honestly, I was getting tired of it. The house is starting to smell. It might have for a while, but I am not in denial anymore. Dale and briefly talked about it - neither one of us wanted to make the decision. So, Tuesday, I talked to my therapist about it and she really walked me through the process and the grief and the reasoning. I could think of a million reasons why he should be put down but then I can reason all the way out of them and back again. There were 4 things to think about. You see, he couldn't possibly be comfortable drinking almost 2 gallons of water a day. His thirst just couldn't be quenched. If I had my guess, I'd guess he was diabetic, just like his mamma; but all the testing that we did came back negative. Then, the peeing. He just couldn't control it. And drinking 2 gallons of water, well, he'd PEE 2 gallons of water - all over my floor. Or all down my stairs. Or all over my couch. We told ourselves we could put up with it for a while; but it was starting to get worse. We've been getting up twice a night to let him out for over a year now. His hips. Ever since the time I found him in the yard, his hind legs not working, his hips have never been the same. And of course, the vets could never tell us the problem. P.S. I HATE BOTH of our vets. 2 vets and neither one ever truly helped Indiana. Of course I cannot pay thousands of dollars for testing and if he had cancer OR diabetes, I would not pay for daily medicine. But, lately, he has had a very hard time going upstairs to be with me at night. Then, he'd fall DOWN the stairs when we went downstairs. Some of it was probably the wood floors, but his hips were screwy. He was almost deaf. He couldn't even hear when someone came in the front door. So, add all those up and it was time. Separately, each thing is bareable, but it just started to take a toll on us. My therapist loves animals so her theory was to let my dog die with dignity. Don't wait until he is wetting himself while he sleeps or until he can't walk. That made … [Read more...]