3 months

My handsome man. He has found his hands and enjoys sucking on them. Not sure if we are going to have a thumb sucker yet. So, I seriously debated doing a different photo shoot for the rest of his first year. He HATES the basket. He acts like I'm cutting off a limb. Here are the girls trying to make him smile - my little helpers. I'm having SO MUCH FUN with Foster. I can't emphasize it anymore or you might think I don't love my girls. ha. Just the fact that I can nurse him and it is WORKING. No supplementing, I'm not second guessing myself every other minute, no milk allergies, no reflux. It is perfect - the way it was meant to be. LOVING it. Yes, I'm up all day and all night nursing him, but I'll take it. He is very very chill (Dale on the other hand thinks he is fussy)(we don't agree). As of 3 months, Foster is smiling, BIG smiles. No giggles, but some cooing. He is grabbing onto toys on his bouncy seat and hanging on. As of today (1.9.2014), he officially rolls from front to back and back to front again. So, you can imagine, he is NOT comfortable in the crib - he doesn't want to sleep on his belly. He doesn't want to sleep on his back. He doesn't want his arms to flail but he doesn't want to be swaddled. Quite a mess trying to get him to go down to sleep unassisted, but hoping he works his way out of it within the next month. On top of that, he has this little jerking reflex when he's trying to calm down. The girls didn't have it and I actually googled "seizures in infants" to see if he was seizing. Everytime I lay him down in his crib, as he's trying to drift off, his limbs and neck jerk pretty violently. That of course makes him not calm down and it gets him all ramped up again. Sometimes I have to actually hold his arms down on his chest and hold his legs a bit to get him to relax all the way without the jerking. Kind of odd. Might video it for the doctor. He is a joy to play with. When you stand him up, he puffs out his chest and gets VERY excited about standing up. Lindy has been asking to hold him a lot and just the other day spent about 20 minutes with him in her lap while she played with him. LOVE it. Ruby I'm sure thinks I spend too much time with him, but she loves him anyways. She tries to hold him by herself and that results in her grabbing him by the neck and expecting to hold him that way. Ha. I better not turn my back for too long. His little belly button hernia is ALMOST all gone. It got quite big there for a while. He has also had clogged tear ducts for a little over a month now, so we are watching them closely. Massaging them every few hours to try and unclog them. One eye has now cleared up but the other is quite stubborn. You can tell in most of the pictures that one eye has been rubbed raw because we cannot have eye goop in our pictures. He LOVES bathtime with mom He LOVES being held to go to sleep He LOVES music He is starting to HATE the pacifier. I cannot get him to take it … [Read more...]

Two Months

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One Month

My baby is 4 weeks old already! I have so much to say, so much to share! THIS baby experience is so redeeming. Can I say that? Seriously. He is such a good baby. I guess I should say, it is nice to not have so much trauma with the birth of a child. Even with his short NICU stay, it has been an INCREDIBLY good experience. So much so... I'm glad they couldn't tie my tubes. wink wink. Just kidding. Foster weighed in at 10lbs this week! Doing great! I never make mention of percentiles, because I've never really cared what percentile the kids are in. As long as they are growing - I'm happy. This big girl just LOVES to hold him - all the time. She asks me everyday if she can hold him. She holds him well with her little hands. Talks to him. Sings songs to him. Points out everything to me all over again. If I need a 5 minute break, she is quick to help and hold him. It is quite adorable. This little girl loves the fact that he is a LIVE baby doll. She wants to change his diaper all the time. She wants to hold him just like her big sister. She wants to nurse her dollies and pretends to. She doesn't want me to feed him all the time though. The minute I pull up my shirt, she runs over, shakes her head, "no mama, no." and tries to pull my shirt down. She really really REALLY wants his pacifiers. Today I caught her hiding behind the curtain sucking on his pacifier. When I ask for it, she puts one finger up as if saying "just one more minute mom" and then takes a few more sucks on the pacifier and then hands it over. We are doing really really well. He is nursing like a champ - I've never had this good of an experience before. I am SO THANKFUL to have it. Bittersweet that this is the last time I will but again, so so so overjoyed to experience it and experience it WELL, just once. I am so thankful for my 4 children, so thankful that I have these 3 in my arms. P.S. Did anyone notice I turned his brown overalls AROUND so i could put his tie on and not have the bears underneath? Yep, he is wearing them backwards. … [Read more...]