About Us

I am a thirty something follower of Jesus Christ, wife, stay-at-home mother and facebook stalker. Always a Kansas girl no matter where I end up. I started “blogging” 11 years ago. I love to design websites, vacuum (instant gratification), watch rainstorms, hold Lindy in my arms while she is sleeping, to play with animals, play our monthly budget game, settlers of catan, dancing with my husband. I have this little disease known as Diabetes but hey, it is better to have Diabetes in 2012 than in 1830…right? 2009 was probably the hardest year of my life, losing my full-term son, Everett, to a concealed placental abruption. 2010 was harder still in that we battled infertility of unknown reason for a year and half. FINALLY after our second IUI attempt, our rainbow baby was born in July of 2011.

Dale is my thirty something husband, the man that I knew I wanted to marry after spending only 3 days together in the middle of Illinois at a music festival. A missionary kid from Alaska. He has SO MUCH energy and enthusiasm -he makes everyone laugh -a lot. Dale works really really hard, almost non-stop but he loves the kids he works with and enjoys helping them grow to love theatre and excel at it. He can do a little bit of everything; fix cars, gut a house and rebuild it, win rap battles with his kids. He has been working in Theatre for the past 13 years and is finishing his final year of Grad School.

Lindy is our beautiful 5 year old daughter who is spitting image of her father and as stubborn as her mother. When she grows up (as of today), she wants to “use an instrument and sing. Yesterday she wanted to be a princess. We spend our days at library storytime, coloring, watching the laundry go through the wash cycle, dancing, playing school, and swinging.

Everett, our second child, was stillborn at 37 weeks on March 1, 2009. He has changed our life forever and we love that about him. Missing him everyday, our family will never be complete this side of heaven. Read his story.

Ruby is our third child, our rainbow baby and she has got a story all her own. Born with a Congenital Heart Defect, Ruby has had her own agenda since the moment she entered this world. We had our successful ASD/VSD closure surgery when Ruby was 2 months old. Ruby enjoys reading her board books in mommy’s lap, throwing things in the trash when asked, and crawling all over her big sister.

Everyday with us is an adventure, some good, some bad. Striving to serve the Lord and serve those around us. Join us on our adventure!