My List

I thought this would be a fun addition to the blog. Feel free to add some of yours in the comments!

Making: A website for my web design business so I can get more clients
Cooking: planning on making sloppy joes since I’ll be gone tonight for dinner at a job interview
Drinking: Water everyday, all the time. This week I splurged on Orange/Pinapple juice
Wanting: A dog or 2 cats. Really badly
Looking: For a place to live. quite addicting actually but there is not a lot of inventory.
Playing: Catch with Lindy and Ruby today.
Wasting: The rest of the watermelon because I don’t like to eat the whiteish stuff near the rind.
Crafting: yeah right. I still need to finish Lindy’s tooth fairy pillow to add a pocket to it.
Wishing: I knew where my cats were. I miss them a lot.
Enjoying: Our townhome and neighborhood where my children can play ALL THE TIME.
Waiting: To hear if our bid was accepted on a house
Liking: air conditioning right now!
Wondering: How in the WORLD are we going to move the baby grand piano
Loving: Having Dale home by 5:30 most nights. MAKES MY DAY
Hoping: We get this house and I get this job.
Marveling: At this church I heard about on Sunday called, The Scum of the Earth church.
Needing: to get up from the computer and get the fly swatter.
Smelling: Cow manure right now. The smell is actually coming through our door.
Wearing: My pants to interview in but a ratty shirt just in case Foster throws up on me
Noticing: more freckles and spots on my shoulders and arms. Better make an appointment
Avoiding: My stupid library fines of $7.00
Thinking: constantly about this house and this job.
Bookmarking: A fun party idea – an itty bitty party
Opening: the mail.
Giggling: Because Dale updated his information in my phone and his name as Jamie Lanister.
Feeling: Not optimistic about getting the house we want.


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