Let’s have this baby!

We are off!! Tuesday night driving back to Pittsburgh to have this baby by the end of the week!

Some yummy, local, peaches in tow for our friends! – I’ve never tasted a better peach. Now, of course, we shall see how they hold up until we get there.

We arrived to very gracious friends who had set up beds for us to crash on while we are in town. We could have stayed in our old house that hasn’t sold yet, but that just sounded depressing.

Today, Wednesday was a VERY busy day. Starting with my amnio at 7:30am. I of course was FREAKED OUT about it again. I had one with Ruby and I survived, but in my head, I’d rather have a c-section everyday than an amnio. How screwed up is that?! Then, they couldn’t find a lot of fluid in the right spot – but near my belly button. Can I just tell you that sticking a LONG needle through your belly button makes me really really upset and cringe. But, I told the doctor to do whatever he had to. As they were prepping my belly, I slowly shut down. At one point, the doctor said, “and Hannah has now left the conversation.” I just closed my eyes and took deep breaths. Dale and the team were having the time of their life, joking around. I left the convo. It is not as painful as uncomfortable or rather scary. It literally takes 2 minutes or less…I survived it.

Hanging out for a few minutes to check on baby after the amnio. Dale enjoyed watching a VHS classic – the Rock.

Then, we made an appointment for Ruby with our doctor here…My guess? Pink eye. Of all times. Shaking my head. And it was confirmed. My baby girl is fighting a virus. She looks miserable. I feel TERRIBLE for leaving her now for the next 4 days. Ugh.

Then do My OB team was amazing as usual. High fiving me out the door and excited about the news and results. I had to wait 2 hours to get the results.

Decided to go visit my friends at church for Bible Study – so nice to see my church family again and they all surrounded me with love and prayers. Even the lesson really spoke to my heart – finding joy in the midst of trials. I anticipate a trial as soon a the baby is born and I’m already hating it and dreading it, and upset about it. Lemon has a 99% chance of going to the NICU for blood sugars (I made that statistic up). So, hoping, praying for a miracle but being a realist and planning what needs to be planned. All that to say, I can still show joy and peace even though I’m torn up inside. I can choose what kind of attitude to have. We shall see tomorrow! Results came in during the study and baby Lemon’s lungs are mature!

7:30am c-section tomorrow!

We had lunch as a family, then back for naps, I squeezed a haircut in, we stopped by our house to take one more look at it, then off to visit a few friends and dinner out with friends. Dropped the girls off with Jan and now settling down for the night!

We are excited! We are nervous! We are overjoyed to meet our son! Thank you all for your love and prayers and texts and comments – we cherish every single one. See you tomorrow!!!


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