A Few Major Life Changes

As many of you knew, after Dale graduated from GRAD school, we were planning on a move somewhere – there just weren’t jobs in Pittsburgh for his degree. After 5 months and 30 minutes (yes, we finally just gave an ultimatum), we got the offer we wanted from a company in the Lancaster area. We also knew that once we got the offer, it was going to be a QUICK transition. We had a lot of things to take care of.

Selling our house
Finding a new school for Lindy
Finding a new house
New job for Dale
Baby Lemon coming by October

If you are counting, that is 6 major life changes? I think you’re only supposed to have one of these a year - if that. What can I say? We like adventure?

We accepted the job offer on a Monday, with the help of SO MANY FRIENDS and family staged our house by Wednesday, drove to Lancaster to find housing/schools, house went on the market by Thursday, back to Pittsburgh on Friday with housing ideas. My mom came to help us pack! Called Monday to confirm a place to live – first 3 places GONE over the weekend. 8 ladies from church came over and packed my ENTIRE HOUSE, Tuesday confirmed a place to live and overnighted checks to secure, going away party hosted by my friend Jan, moving truck came on Thursday, going away party on Friday and then we were off!!

Holy cow. FAST.

Arriving at our new place on Friday night – the moving truck with all our stuff to arrive on Monday.

Arrived to a beautiful sunset at our new place.

No toys, but we found the local library!

My sister and husband greeted us here at our new place on Monday and helped us unpack almost EVERY single necessary box – helping us to get settled. It was amazing.

We have now been in our new place here in Ephrata for 3 weeks!

Glad to say we are ‘settled’ and only a handful of boxes remain to be dug through. Just can’t make myself find homes for the 8 “junk boxes” that we ended up with.

Dale started work this week and BOY is it a PERFECT job for him right now. I joke, it is actually a great job for his ADHD. He goes into work, not knowing which building he is working in or who he is working for or what he is doing. It changes by the day, actually by the hour. He is working for a company that builds entertainment stages/sets. Pretty awesome stuff.

Since we got here with time to spare, we’ve been able to do all the fun back to school stuff with Lindy’s school. Play date with the moms at the park, connected with a mom who came over the next day and gave me a BUNCH of uniforms for Lindy (how awesome is that?!), a family in our development invited us for Sunday lunch, and connected us with a babysitter already who has come by twice a week already for my doctor’s appointments. Lindy conquered riding her bike on the flat pavement here in our neighborhood and Ruby is just taking all this new stuff very easily.

The saddest part to our trip (besides leaving all those we love in Pittsburgh of course) is our cats. They made it here. Loved the house. We let them out on the leash for a while for them to get adjusted because they want to be outside. Finally unleashed them one night and well, they never came back. So so sad. I felt like we sent them to their death. The vet said to just give them a few days to adjust – so we did. They’ve always come when I’ve called them but I guess they needed more time to adjust. I hate the thought of them wondering around scared with no food or water – slowly dying. Ugh. Breaks my heart. They are microchipped and one actually had her collar on, but we haven’t heard anything. None of the neighbors have heard or seen them. I have called for them every day, every night, drove around, called the local vet…NOTHING. I can’t stop looking out the window to see them. I dream about them every night just waltzing into the door one day. I’m not sure we will ever see them again. Maybe they are going all homeward bound to Pittsburgh?

We are counting down now until baby #4 joins us – before October. We decided that we would stay with our doctors in Pittsburgh, since he delivered my last 2 babies – so we will be driving back to Pittsburgh to have this baby! Same staff, hospital and NICU as Ruby. Not gonna tell you the date, you’ll just have to wait…but we have it scheduled on the calendar!

Thank you all for your love and help and support in moving us quickly and all of your prayers and patience as we have been waiting for all these things to shake out! We are excited about this new adventure and how God can use us for His glory.


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