28 Weeks – Baby #4

28 Weeks this week! If you are doing the math, that means baby comes in 9 weeks! When I say it THAT way it seems so freakin’ close!

We had our heart scan with the pediatric cardiologist last week and everything with the heart looked good. Now if you remember correctly, I had a routine ultrasound with Ruby at this time and the tech thought she saw 2 heart markers so I was sent to the cardiologist to confirm. SHE cleared us and said that everything looked good with Ruby’s heart. Fast forward to her birth and the SAME cardiologist comes in and says. Oops. She DOES indeed have 2 holes in her heart.

So, when we went the other day, I gently reminded her that she said the same thing with Ruby – could she please just double check? She took more time and looked at the chambers. She said she is confident there is not a VSD in her heart (lower chamber). And like all babies the upper chamber will have a hole which will close over before they are born. Ruby’s did not close. Hopefully this baby will! So, that put me at ease a bit more.

Many people have asked me how excited I am.

I have A LOT going on in my head right now.

Trying to find a job for Dale. Said job will not be in Pittsburgh (unless there is a divine miracle). Therefore having to move. Selling the house. Finding a house. Finding a school for Lindy. Our health insurance runs out in 13 days. Finding new doctors. Delivering at a new place. And all of this needs to happen fairly quickly because the bills need to be paid. :)

So, YES, I am excited about this baby, but honestly, have so much stuff going on, I feel distracted. I also probably have a lot of emotional walls built up too. I don’t feel as emotionally connected to this child – I can’t tell if it is because he is a boy and all the Everett stuff or not.

And I am still just shocked that the pregnancy FLEW by and he is coming in 9 weeks!

How Far Along: 28 weeks today.
Due Date: Due date is October 9th but we have already scheduled the c-section!
Anticipated Arrival Date: C-section will be at the end of September! Maybe we’ll keep it a surprise…
Name Yet?: We have 3 names picked out (2 middle names) and we just keep tossing it around. I think I like it. We shall see.
Size of Baby: He is measuring roughly 2lbs. and right on target for gestational age.
Weight Gain: Well, I started off REALLY REALLY WELL in not gaining so much weight and then BAM. I gained a bunch. I’ve already gained 25lbs this pregnancy! whoops.
Movement: Long story short…I have an anterior placenta which hinders some of the movement feelings. Bummer. He is pretty mild in movements but when he does kick it is usually REAL early in the morning or REAL late at night.
Symptoms: Just a few symptoms that I won’t really go into detail, let’s just say I might be allergic to this kiddo. Ha. Feeling great otherwise.
Next Ultrasound: Is on Monday! We shall see how he is growing!


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