Let’s Help Make it Official!

So, if I haven’t introduced you yet, let me introduce you to one of my best friends here in Pittsburgh, Jan Davis. I met Jan at my church about 7 years ago. We both worked in Student Ministries with students at church – she and her husband Randy have been volunteering for over 20 years with students. They are a very solid foundation in our youth program – a rock in so many lives – including mine. She watched Lindy for 2 years while I worked, she was a shoulder to cry on when Everett died, she has listened to my bemoaning as we waded through 3 years of grad school, and she has been such an encouragement to me and how I view myself as a mother.

She is actually a rockstar mother herself. I have NO IDEA how she does it and I say that to her everytime I see her. She homeschools all of her kids, has her own company landscaping, carpools her kiddos to every amazing event in town, and yet has time to volunteer 2 or more times a week with kiddos at church, and you can’t get much more frugal than her either. Ha.

They have a beautiful family of 4 kids, including twins who were adopted from Russia about 10 years ago.

Fast forward or rewind I guess to last summer. A little 18 month old boy, Alex, born in Russia, was going to be adopted by a family in the states, but apparently, the adoption wasn’t going as planned for that family and they needed to find a new home for little Alex, now called Zachary.

In comes Jan and Randy. Their hearts always open to loving another child. They got word that Zach needed a family, needed a home, needed LOVE!

And the rest is history.

Zach transitioned to the Davis family in October and is THRIVING as a two and a half year old!!

As a friend of the family, I have to tell you how amazing and miraculous this connection has been for not only Jan and her family but for little Zach. It has been incredible. God could not have put together a more perfect union (ok, well maybe He could have, but you get my point). They are a perfect match.

So, the past few months have been a trial period, pretty standard with adoption cases like this.

BUT NEXT WEEK is THE WEEK!! Zach will be legally adopted into the family! I just received word that the Davis family has to come up with $500 by next week to make it official. Can we rally together and cover that small cost in ONE WEEK?!!

Will you join us in making Zachary’s adoption OFFICIAL?

If you’d like to contribute, please send me an email message or find me on facebook and tell me what you’d like to contribute and give me your email address. I will forward you a paypal request and you can pay through paypal. I found that “transferring” money this way through paypal avoids the transaction fees!! Or if you’d like to donate in another way, feel free to let me know!

You can contribute $5 or $100 – but I KNOW we can raise this money in less than a week.

Now, I am NOT telling the Davis family about this little surprise – so NO TELLING THEM!!! I even told them to not read the blog. Ha.

So, please feel free to forward this along to anyone who knows and loves the Davis family. If you forward on facebook, MAKE SURE YOU BLOCK THE DAVIS FAMILY FROM SEEING your post!

I am an optimistic girl. I think we can raise $500 OR MORE for this family. The money raised ABOVE $500 will be put towards professional family photos for them!


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