HodgePodge June 2013

Well, hello. Anyone still there? It has been a while hasn’t it? I promised about 8 years ago that I would never apologize about not blogging – since, well, it is MY blog. HA. But I want to say that I have missed it! I have so much to tell you!

Life has been a whirlwind around here. From traveling to Kansas with the girls solo, In-laws here to help and play, Kindergarten graduation, to Dale graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with his M.F.A. to summer starting, potty training a 22 month old, interviewing for jobs and uncertain about our future, to already being halfway through this pregnancy! WOW!

We are 24 weeks this week! Viability! Which means if the baby was born tomorrow, it has a small chance of surviving, albeit with a host of possible long term complications. We are just thrilled for everyday we get with this pregnancy. We know what it is like to wake up one day and things change instantly; never to be the same again. Whether it be bedrest for 12 weeks or a unheard of diagnosis – we are coasting through, praying for a safe pregnancy and birth.

Last I blogged, we found out it was a boy. We are ELATED. We had my father-in-law put the colored balloons (We didn’t know the color) in a big box and then we as a family opened it up to reveal the color – BLUE!

We wanted this one to be a boy, aching for this one to be a boy. Not to replace Everett, but a son for our family, a boy for Dale to pass on his man stuff to, a boy for me since I didn’t get that experience before. Of course, 3 little girls would have been adorable too.

Let me tell you about a few things that happened in the past 2 months…

Trip to Kansas
I am so far out from the trip to Kansas, I’m disappointed I didn’t write it all down sooner. You’ll just get the abbreviated version. Towards the middle of May, we decided to fly back to Kansas where I grew up and visit my mom and celebrate in the annual town holiday “All Schools Day”. It was the 100th year, so how could one miss it? And Dale was trying to wrap up his thesis, so we got out of town and gave him a good week to work without distractions.

I have to admit. I was a little freaked out about flying with the girls by myself, rather flying with 22 month old, crazy Ruby. She is a HOT MESS and all I could envision was her being a terror on 2 flights there and 2 flights back. I was getting ulcers thinking about it. I also haven’t flown with all my latest diabetic gear so I knew that I had to get pat down instead of walking through the machines. My anxiety level was a little high.

So, we got Dale a gate pass and he was able to walk through with us and wait for the plane. And it went PERFECTLY on the way down! Even with the airline delay. Both girls fell asleep on the second flight without a peep. It.was.divine.

Here we go to Kansas!

Grandma’s House!

We had a wonderful visit with my mom. There is nothing like showing up and not having to parent for a few days. It.was.bliss. We had so many adventures and seeing all our family, uncles and aunts was a real treat.

Did I tell you I asked for all the stuff to face paint for my last birthday? Well, I’m slightly addicted. Like pulling strange children into my house and forcing them to sit down so I can paint their face. You can tell in the picture below that Lindy is OVER it. Ha. I think I painted her face everyday for weeks when I first got it. Oops. Sadly, only 1 child wanted their face painted that day – sweet Lindy. Not sure it was worth flying home with!

Visited the local park, the one I played in as a child

A girl after my own heart. I probably have 18,000 pictures of myself as a kid feeding the ducks.

It was a great trip. And as I found myself talking about it, I found myself saying “we went back home” and realizing that it isn’t home anymore. Pittsburgh is home. Dale is home. My life here is home. And it is not sad to me, but gives me great joy and pride in where we have settled and how Dale and I are building OUR family. I will always be a Kansas girl at heart, but home is with MY family (sorry mom, don’t CRY!!!).

When we arrived home, my in-laws were in town for another week and it was a nice distraction as well to be with them. They planned it nicely so that they could be here for Dale’s graduation. And, Dale’s dad worked on so many projects around the house. It was an incredible blessing. Mom cleaned cupboards and Dad fixed smoke detectors and windows and planted grass – they got A LOT done. I hope when I am older and not distracted by little children that I can be a blessing to someone. Right now, I just feel so focused on the kiddos and nothing else!

Kindergarten Graduation
Lindy graduated from kindergarten in early June. We loved the Christian school she was at. Totally worth the hour commute. She was completely surrounded by such godly character and wisdom everyday. From treating her friends kindly to learning how to forgive – I want my children to soak those things up as a children so that they have a solid foundation as they get older. Love it.

And now, I must take a break. You have to wait for another post – I have so much more to share! And no….we don’t have any official job/moving news yet…


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