HodgePodge March

Have I told you how her fussing has diminished DRASTICALLY? Aside from always wanting to be on my hip, she doesn’t fuss in the car as much anymore – actually not at all. She has been AMAZING. The only thing I can contribute it to is figuring out her sleeping schedule. I’ve ALWAYS thought her sleeping has been causing her to be fussy – getting up at 5am and taking barely one nap a day is ROUGH on a little girl. Well, a few months back, we dropped a nap and everything kind of shook itself out! She is definitely not a sleeper like her mamma and sister, but I’ll take what I can get. Daylight Savings Time ALSO saved us! She is now getting up between 6 and 7 – I can handle that. She takes a nap at 11 which allows for us to go get Lindy at school so I don’t have to wake her up – it is perfect!

(note to self. I just wrote perfect, that means something will change this week!) That is just the laws of parenting babies. You get them RIGHT where you want them and then something changes. Maybe teenagers too?

Ruby and I communicate really really well – it is probably a little scary. She has that typical, 2nd child syndrome where she doesn’t really have to talk well because, I just talk for her! I can undersatnd almost everything she wants by pointing or grunting or her really cute words. She doesn’t say anything very clear but we get it.

She is a mamma’s girl. ALWAYS wanting to be held by me. Always. I’m trying to find ways to play with her and yet do some stuff around the house. It is a hard balance. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with both the state of my house and attention I give my children.

Ruby got her first ear infection last week – it was a rough couple of nights, getting up with her every 10-15 minutes, she just wouldn’t settle. When you go from sleeping through the night to THAT, it is almost a sure fire way to know it is an ear infection. Dale and I rotated sleeping on the couch with her upright on us. Made for long sleepless nights. It was the roughest visit to medexpress ever. She screamed the WHOLE WAY THERE, THE WHOLE TIME IN THE LOBBY, THE WHOLE TIME THE DOCTOR WAS LOOKING AT HER, WHILE WE WAITED FOR THE MEDS, I thought she was going to explode she was so upset. I was crying, praying that the pain would go away. She wouldn’t let me hold her, was WRITHING around in the stroller, falling out of it. I would try to pick her up and comfort her, she would go limp and let me tell you, it is HARD to hold a limp child, acting like jelly to get out of your arms. Her face was BEAT RED, she had been screaming for probably 2 hours. And the minute we got into the car, she stopped. Just like that. We got home and she was a peach. I have no idea.

She has peed on the toilet 3 times now – I haven’t been trying to potty train her, but everytime we go to the bathroom, she wants to pull her pants down and take her diaper off, so I follow along. Well, in the last 2 weeks, I asked her to “go potty” and she sat there and MADE herself go! It was the cutest thing ever. She knew exactly what I wanted her to do, and she did it! So, I let her walk around naked with the little kid toilet in the living room. of course, she peed in the toilet and then 10 minutes later peed all over herself. She doesn’t have the development skills to know when she is going to pee and to go to the toilet but she DOES know how to make herself pee when asked. It.is.adorable.

Ruby has a few chores around the house. She feeds the cats, helps me unload the dishwasher -which just means handing me all the stuff piece by piece, and this week she helped me with dinner!

And she has the cutest little “cheese” smile.

She can put her shoes on now, she’s been working on it for MONTHS and just this week, I turned around and she had put one on!

Crawfish Boil
We had a fun night at Dale’s school the other day. One of Dale’s buddy’s in the program is from the South and decided to host a Crawfish Boil for all of us. IT WAS SO ENTERTAINING and DELICIOUS! He had about 50lbs of crawfish shipped to CMU and then we all enjoyed watching the process of cooking it all! Ruby probably ate more crawfish than Dale and I combined! Who knew?

This girl never ceases to amaze me. She is one smart cookie – just an incredible memory. Tonight at dinner, she said, 4 times 4 is…16. Just like that. ha. Yes, yes it is. And for her to explain how she got to that point, it is super difficult. Sometimes I have no idea how she gets to the answer!

This past week she learned how to blow a bubble with bubblegum. She learned to whistle this month. Just soaking up so much! I expect my baby is going to start losing her baby teeth soon. She was upset that we hadn’t been writing down her Book-It books for the month and had basically forgotten about all the books thus far. So, one night, she read 17 books to catch up. And it wasn’t like skimming the books, she read them all and we wrote them down the next morning.

This week, Lindy asked if she could “put Ruby down for bed.” I said sure! Let me tell you, it is the cutest thing to watch your oldest child try to manage the baby. Lindy had never changed her diaper and she did it like a charm. She dressed them up in the same PJs and brushed teeth, read books and then got a stool to hoist ruby into her crib. Ruby wasn’t really a fan – she had more fun playing tag naked while Lindy chased her, but it is moments like these that I want to bottle up and remember forever. I got a cute video but will have to save that for the family archives – Ruby is naked for the majority of it. :)

These days with small children are HARD. It is not easy for me and I have a lot of emotional guilt and anxiety about doing everything “right”. My house is rarely clean, and I’m not just talking about dirty dishes, I’m talking about piles and piles of crap on my floor and no room on the counter for EVEN the dirty dishes. Piles of clean laundry for weeks, just never put away, stuff EVERYWHERE. I like that we have anything we need at any moment in time but man it makes for A LOT of clutter. I think I hate to cook. I haven’t always hated it, but when Dale is never home to eat, it is basically cooking for me and 2 picky girls so that just leaves cooking for me. Heck. Let’s all have cereal for dinner. Ugh.

In my spare time, I launched a new website for a client of mine – very dear to my heart. Their son, Zachary was born with congenital heart defects, 2 of the same defects as Ruby, he underwent surgery with the same doctor as Ruby, but sadly, he didn’t come out of it, ok. He only lived a few days but his parents are making an AMAZING impact here in Pittsburgh in the hospitals in his name. They are doing incredible stuff! You can check out there website.

We have how many more days left of his 3 year MFA program? 62ish? I’ve lost track but we are CLOSE. As for Dale being close on his thesis, well, not so much. To say that he has been working overtime, well, that is the understatement of the year. He doesn’t come to bed before 3am. The other day he came to bed at 4am. Then got up at 7am to take Lindy to school. It.is.rough. BUT, slowly, other projects are winding down which will somehow (?) allow him to get to his thesis. I say all this and he is driving to WISCONSIN tomorrow for an “elective” event that is taking up 7 days of thesis work. UGH. BUT, it is THE major networking event for his field and he actually submitted a technical exhibit and it was accepted, so he will be showcasing his design and model there – with potential to win an award.

He had what could be his final show at Saltworks. A very bittersweet weekend for him but with so much going on, no real sentiment or goodbye. Kind of sad. We moved to Pittsburgh to work for Saltworks – and Dale has been around these kids for 15 years. WOW! Makes me sad to think we won’t be a part of it anymore. Well, he ROCKED the set and sound and lighting again for the show – even in great distress over everything else in our life that needed to be done. He.is.amazing.

Lindy below on the “Aladdin” set that Dale designed and built.

We don’t have any solid plans yet for the future. We had 2 job offers, declined one and another we will hopefully hear from soon and hoping for at least one more interview with another place.

So much to say, but I must retire.


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