HodgePodge February 2013

A mess of stories for you!

Did I ever tell you about the time that all my fish in my fish tank (75 GALLONS worth) died?


Before Thanksgiving my aquarium heater broke, so I ordered a new one. But, it didn’t come before we left on vacation.

Subsequently, my husband turned down the heat to 52 degrees before we walked out the door.

When you don’t have heat in a fish tank during freezing weather, your fish freeze to death.

We came home to find all the fish floating in water that was absolutely FRIGID. Poor things!!!

And I’ve had most of those fish for more than 3 years. Bummer.

That is a really expensive habit to go down the drain.

Needless to say, we haven’t spent the money to refill the tank with fish. That would be hundreds of dollars.

What else was I supposed to tell you?

Oh yeah, the time I thought I ran over somebody?

So, Ruby and Lindy and I are in the car and as I turn the corner, over a pedestrian walkway mind you, I hear this HORRID noise and my car is having a hard time turning. I immediately thought I ran over somebody. Which, by the way, I don’t know how that happens. We’ve had 2 friends in 6 months get hit by cars while they were out running. I just don’t get it. Are these drivers texting? Do they not give enough room on the side? Are they distracted? I don’t text while I am actively driving (I might send a text at a red stoplight).

So, I pulled over and inspected under the car. Nothing.

Drove a bit, straight for a while, no sound. Then turned a corner again and the sound was back. Pulled into a driveway and made sure I didn’t drive over anybody again.


Apparently an axle in my car broke.

So glad I didn’t hit somebody with the car.


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