18 Months and 6 Years

I LOVE this age. Love it.

Every time I get my vacuum out, Ruby wants to help.

Starting her young folks.

And then, every time I get my blood glucose meter out, she wants to use it too. I’ve even pricked her once because she was adamant about putting her finger there and wanting me to do it to her. No, I didn’t draw blood. I promise. We did enough of that for her first month of her life. But, wow, she is REALLY watching me.

The girls eating breakfast together.

Lindy had her “special week” this week where she gets to bring in her family and snacks and pictures and whatever delights that she likes.

So, we stayed up late one night and raided my craft closet to make some stuff for he bulletin board.

Can you see how many animals have come through the Harris house in the picture above? We had a friend tell us this weekend “animals go to your house…to DIE.” I might have cried just a little bit.

Do you notice the big white space in the picture above? The empty spot on the bottom right. Yah, that is where the teacher took off pictures of Lindy’s brother. She apologized and mentioned that she didn’t want to have to deal with death and the kiddos. Ok, I said. IO guess I get that. It wasn’t like he was bleeding from the mouth or blue. He just looked like he was sleeping. He is her brother, part of our family. P.S. parents, if your children do not know about death, TELL THEM NOW. That is life. I’m not saying scare them and freak them out, but seriously…take them to a funeral maybe?

Moving on.

I cringe when I see these pictures – poor Lindy, 2 broken arms before 2 years old. Lordy.

Here is Lindy showing her “Art Book” to the class. So glad I got that done. I LOVE it. I took all of Lindy’s art that has been collecting in boxes in the basement, scanned or took a picture of the crafts and then uploaded them all to create a book. IN.CRED.IBLE. So, she is holding her 2 years to 5 years book. I’m beginning to think her 6 year old book is going to be 4 volumes. It was expensive but completely worth it. You can see her book here:

84 pages. But totally worth it.

Sisters snuggling.


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