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6 Years ago

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5th Birthday

And now, my sweet baby girl has turned 6 years old!

6th Birthday

Lindy wanted a “weather” party this year so I managed to pull some things together a few days before. Loving the Am.azon Prim.e account that we have. Everything ships in 2 days. phew.

I just can’t believe she is 6.

When she woke up you would have thought she had skipped 3 years because the chatter from a 6 year old was MAGNIFIED. She was talking so much, I had to laugh at how much she had changed over night. Bam. Just like that. From 5 to 6.

We don’t have friend birthday parties every year and this year was a family party – so we invited our “family” over. Ok, so technically they are friends, but we call them family. It was a joyous night celebrating Lindy. I think you can actually SEE the joy on Lindy’s face.

There was a bunch of us!

Warm egg rolls requested by the birthday girl

Pinata time

Making a tornado!

I am just so proud of Lindy and the young little lady she is becoming. I have many doubts, many times a day on raising her and decisions she is making, but she has such a sweet, sensitive spirit which makes up for some of those tantrums.

She has amazing reasoning skills, very creative, is an amazing big sister – I actually call her the perfect sister. She cries when Ruby cries. She helps pick her up, she loves on her so much, plays ring around the rosie. LOVE IT. I think that her brother dying gave her this extra sensitive spot for her Ruby.

Lindy loves all the adventures that Dale conjures up, she is messy and unorganized (which I had no clue until she went to school). She has amazing energy and enthusiasm.

Love that girl.

Happy 6th Birthday Lindy!


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