The car seat “list”

So, we had a great visit with my sister and her family for Thanksgiving. We were able to get away and just relax together. Lots of crazy things happened the 24 hours BEFORE and the 24 hours AFTER we returned. I’ll have to tell you about those later. It involves me pulling over the car, thinking I had hit someone with my car – TWICE – yes, I stopped twice…and a hobby of mine that died a very sad death.

We all know that Ruby HATES her car seat. It is no secret. She is miserable.

Well, we always drive through the night to our vacation destinations because of that crying – thus leaving for home after vacation on Sunday night at bedtime – 7pm. Perfect. We’ll get the girls settled, Ruby will cry for a few minutes and then zonk out.

ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ruby not only cried for the 2.5 of the 4 hours of the trip – she SCREAMED for 2.5 hours.

I have no idea why.

We drove within 30 minutes of our halfway point (2 hours), got out, got her calmed down, the minute, the second, I put her back in, she started screaming.

Trigger bigger sister whining too, “STOP RUBY”.

So, those of us who have kids, we run through “the list”. It can be used for the carseat moments and lets not kid, it can be used for MANY others as well. Please tell me you have “a list” too? The questions that you ask yourself out loud, the questions you ask your spouse, and those questions in your head that make you crazy.

The Common Questions:
Is she wet?
Is she hot?
Is she hungry? (after we just fed her 8 snacks)
Did she poop?
Is she thirsty? (dig sippy cup out of dark crevice in car since she has thrown it down the last 8 times we’ve given it to her)
Is she cold?
Is her arm or leg pinched in the straps?
Is the sun in her eyes?
Lets turn on some music to drown out the noise.

Then we escalate to the next level of questioning:
Do you think she wants her socks off? (because, I can’t STAND sleeping in socks, so I assume my kids don’t either)
I wonder if she is just OVER tired – it is 10 minutes past her bedtime.
Maybe the music is bothering her because she never has music in her room? (turn down music)
I wonder if she is upset that big sister is not sleeping?
I wonder if big sister’s flashlight is bothering her?

Then we start to get all medical:
Maybe she has an ear infection? (even though our child has never even had one -that we know of).
Are the decibels to the music actually hurting her ears?
Maybe her sugars are high? (Ruby is not diabetic, but that is how I FEEL when they are high)
Maybe she has a DOUBLE ear infection?
I wonder if her heart scar is hurting her because of the weather changes? (what the what?)
Maybe she has lost blood flow to a limb since she is strapped in?
Is her neck all crooked and causing her pain?
Maybe her sugars are low? (always on my mind)
Do you think her throat is sore from all the screaming now? (dig sippy cup out of dark crevice in car AGAIN since she has thrown it down the last 9 times)

Then we get crazy:
I wonder if she has a safety pin or something in the bottom of her pajamas? Seriously. True story. Did you ever hear that story of the kid that their parents couldn’t figure out why she was screaming so much? Ended up having a razor blade in the foot of their brand new pajamas.


Today, I had to pack Ruby in the car and as I was PUTTING.ON.HER.COAT she started to fuss.


Ya know what I did?

I packed a cup of playdough for her to play with in her carseat.


I was desperate. We had some errands to run and I needed some time for my blood pressure to get back into the normal range.

It worked. She munched on it and played with it for..10 minutes, but it was 10 minutes of no fussing.


What would YOU add to the list above? I’d love to hear some of your crazies. Comment below!


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