Diabetes Bummer Day

I made an appointment for a new endocrinologist -and they put me on a 6+ month wait list.

I’ve had the same endo/office for almost 9 years and I really felt like my voice was not being heard. And on MORE than one occasion my nutritionist and doctor both suggested that my weight loss problems has nothing to do with my diabetes. My nutritionist actually even told me that insulin doesn’t necessarily store fat. THAT IS SO NOT TRUE!!

So, I have waited and this morning I had my new appointment. Excited to maybe get a plan, have someone on MY side.

I practically cried the whole way home from the appointment. It did not go as planned.

I have an A1C of 6.2. Good right? RIGHT?!

They REAMED me up and down that I am not doing it good enough and that my diabetes more than likely killed my son and caused all the other issues for my children.

Ok. So they didn’t necessarily SAY that but that is how they made me feel.

For the record…my A1C was always less than 6.8 during pregnancy and the first trimester was always in the 5.4-6.2 range.

No one has ever just said those things and it was hard to hear. I have a few friends that THINK they know how diabetes works and how I should be living and they have told me so, but that is for another day.

Yes, I know out of control diabetes causes complications – but does controlled diabetes cause complications? (Controlled meaning A1C less than 6.8)

Basically the visit came down to the daily numbers instead of just my A1C. I get that. My other endo only cared about the A1C. Mine was almost always just fine so nothing else was ever really worked through or talked about. I know I need to get my daily numbers more consistent.

So, we are going to start from scratch next week. I will be meeting with the pump rep. I’ll get a new meter, new numbers, the works.

Really disappointed that they felt I wasn’t in a good place but there is HOPE in all of that. Hope that my numbers can come down even further. And I know that they can, it is just easy to be where I am at and not have to work TOO hard at it.

I am reminded that I live with a incurable disease, one of the MAJOR killers in this country, a disease that I can’t go an hour without thinking about.

At least it is manageable and I can live a “normal” life. Whatever that means.

Even after all that, I told her about my weight loss and all the things I’ve tried to do to lose weight. I then mentioned that I did the juice fast just as a last resort, to see if I could lose some weight quickly – to get to a better weight. She rolled her eyes and said,

“then your sugars would have been absolutely out of control and high.”

I said, Um, NO! They were perfect.

She said “I don’t know about that.”

SHE TOTALLY thought I was lying about my blood sugars during my fast!!! I called her out on it but she didn’t want to hear it.

It sucked the wind right out of me. I am HAPPY that I lost almost 9 pounds. That makes me 9 lbs healthier.

So, they didn’t really go there with me and my weight. They just said “it will be hard.”

Thanks guys. BEST visit EVER.

Note the sarcasm.

I think 6.2 is just fine. I could always do better but I just never thought 6.2 was a problem.


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