Ruby and Milk

Did I ever tell you how Ruby did once we cut milk from her diet?!!! I guess it was in the middle of MY juice fast, so the novelty is gone.



Yes folks, even after 12 hours of being off milk, her fussiness had dwindled. By day 2, she wasn’t fussy. Demanding, but NOT FUSSY!! I kept asking Lindy and Dale “do you notice anything new about Ruby? Is she fussy to you?” and the response was mutual – Ruby is not as fussy.

An absolute miracle.

So, basically, the stuff I was giving to her to make her SHUT UP (can I say that?) was the stuff that was essentially poisoning her.

We don’t know if it is a lactose intolerance or if it was just a milk overdose that was making her sick. I was giving her WAY too much in a 24 hour period. It was the only thing that would stop the fussing!!

So, we cut it from her diet for a week and she did a complete 180 in her attitude. No more fussy baby.

Now, every time my mom asks me how she is doing, I’m telling mom “she is great! She is doing really well and not fussing as much…ACCEPT for right now, but no, really, she is not as fussy.” Because for some reason, when mom calls, Ruby IS fussy about something – but it is NOTHING like the “other” fussy.

It makes us both laugh.

Am I confusing you with all this fussy stuff?

As the days went on, she was smiling A WHOLE lot more! It was completely noticeable, this fussy switch being turned off.

Thank you Jesus for prompting me to make that random phone call to the doctor “can you please see my daughter today, SHE WON’T STOP FUSSING” and for having the one doctor on duty that actually gets results for my kids. I was just at my wits end and called the doc that day and he convinced me to make some drastic changes.

So, I was to introduce whole milk back into her diet after the week and only 12oz a day. I’ve been trying but for some reason, she doesn’t like the stuff now. And yes, we did soy up to age 12 months and she was still fussy, so we switched to whole milk after soy formula and nothing changed -so we truly think it was just quantity and not lactose.

What is a mother to do.



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