Juice Fast Day 10

Well, we’ve had a rough 24 hours here only because Lindy apparently has the stomach flu and is sick 4-5 times AN HOUR. She is not feeling so hot. Makes for a long night, but just in the past hour, it seems her stomach has calmed down. We haven’t been to the bathroom in the past hour.


I completed my first ever 10 day juice fast! I am proud of myself for showing self control for 13+ days!

And I lost 8.2lbs in that amount of time! I haven’t been able to make my weight budge in FOREVER, so this was awesome. I truly believe it had to do with purging my body of some of this insulin, therefore allowing my body to not store my fat!

I haven’t gotten my blood test results. Slightly annoyed. I specifically said I need the results TODAY so I know what to do this weekend. Of course they never called back. Frustrating. Either way, I decided to NOT continue a strict fast that I have been doing these past few days but I will do a modified plan.

Today (Day 11 or Friday), I broke my fast with some delicious watermelon for breakfast, a light salad for lunch with avocados, red peppers, cucumbers, ate a few pumpkin muffins that I resisted this week and then for dinner ate some broccoli and topped it all off with watermelon.

I am hoping to just add 2-3 juices into my daily meals in the future.

So, overall, I would DEFINITELY do this again. Mainly for the emotional aspects and weight loss. I really dealt A LOT with my self control. I have known for some time that I eat and I eat *good food because I am lonely, but I was able to turn off that voice in my head and actually reason through it. To tell myself that the piece of toast was not worth it. That the bag of popcorn wasn’t what I needed to make me feel better. Food is a drug and I have used it as such.

As for the detoxing aspects. Meh.

Apparently my body didn’t like detoxing. I have better BMs when I’m NOT eating as much fruits and vegetables. ha. I thought everything would just flow out wonderfully and everyday and all those pesky toxins would be flushed out of my system. ha. Nope. Not here. I didn’t have any extra energy and I don’t think my skin changed at all. BUT, it is different for everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed the journey with me and maybe some of you want to do it too? I can give you more information if you want. I believe the next scheduled one is early November, so you’d have some time to emotionally prepare! Let me know if you have any questions!


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