Juice Fast Day 9

Well, my throat has been acting up a bit more. Starting Sunday, I felt like I was getting sick. Today, my throat is really really irritated but I don’t feel like it is a cold irritated. It feels different. I have a feeling it might just be all the juices and no real food.

Today I got lazy and decided to just buy a juice for dinner. Lingering in my bad habits, didn’t plan a meal and since I wasn’t cooking for Dale…give the kids some perogies and sip on my juice. Easy.

I got excited today about eating some real food in the near future but also scared.

AMAZING NEWS! I hit 174 pounds today! I haven’t seen that number since my pregnancy with Everett!!! Woo hoo!

Thats it for the night. Gonna go to bed soon. I am exhausted.


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