HdgePdge October

1. My 31st birthday was lovely yesterday. I woke up to find out that my dear friends Faith and Hope were going to come over and play. Let me just tell you. I like people around -A LOT. It was nice to not just sit around by myself all morning (of course with Ruby and all). The girls came over and we did some schoolwork…which I am ashamed to say. I had to look up how to solve the square feet of a parallelogram. And I really had to sit and think about what a suffix was and syllable. WOW. This 5th grade stuff is HARD. At one point, I am skyping with Dale to work on the parallelogram. Ha. They played with Ruby. We went to Wendy’s for my birthday lunch. And the best part about these girls…they LOVE to help do ANYTHING. So, we went to the dungeons of my basement and sorted through baby clothing. Heck, I sent them home with a HUGE bag of clothing for their dolls. Had another friend stop by for a visit – it was a nice morning.

Then, Dale and Lindy came home complete with presents and Dale made the annual Chicken Cordon Bleu and then topped dinner off with a burnt almond torte. Now folks. In my ahem, older age, I have found myself liking all this crazy stuff that I wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole just 5 years ago. This cake is covered in almonds. I would have stopped there but technically they are CANDIED almonds. Yum. Custard in the middle. DELISH. And the bakery SHIPS these tortes all over the country because they are so good. Check it out Prantls. Order one. I dare you. Then tell me how they taste having been shipped across country. I knew what present Dale had gotten for me; only because we had to make a gigantic Amazon order a month ago and we decided to lump in the birthday present too to save money. I received PROFESSIONAL face paints!!!!! I am as excited as a schoolgirl on Christmas morning. Who would have thought it? And everyday since, I have painted Lindy’s face a few times a day. We have a party scheduled this weekend for all our little friends to come get their faces painted – or rather – so I can practice on them. I would LOVE to get into it and actually be hired out someday for parties. I’ll post some photos of what I accomplish…overall, it was a great day celebrating. Thank you all for your well wishes!

2. Having a husband that can do a little bit of everything around the house is so wonderful and very cost effective. Just this weekend, we probably saved $200 on our furnace. It wasn’t working and Dale tinkered around for a good 2 hours – fixed it. He continuously fixes our cars so we don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get them fixed. I am proud of what he accomplishes and really impressed. Just wish I saw him more. Only 1.5 semesters to go!!!!!!!

3. We tried to submit the loss of all the contents of our stolen car through insurance and that was a bust. Technically we had to go through home owners because car insurance only does the car, NOT the contents inside. We have a THOUSAND dollar deductible! So irritated by it all. So, our $700 worth of stuff is gone and we have to replace it all out of pocket. Now, of course we are not going to replace every last item but it just hurts.

3.5. Haven’t figured out what we are going to do about a camera, since ours was stolen in the great Stolen Mazda Race a month ago. I feel like websites are boring without photos AND I’ll be missing a whole year of Ruby and Lindy’s life before we get another one. We gotta make a decision soon. Grrrr….

4. Ruby is teething like CRAZY. Tooth #3 and #4 are coming in on the bottom. She’s got the snot, the temperature spike, the NO SLEEPING, the diarrhea. It is fun around here. But in all seriousness, it IS FUN because she is just soaking up SO MUCH right now. If you ask her what a cow says she’ll say “mmmmm”. Ask her where her nose is, and she’ll stick her finger up her nose. It is pretty cute. I can pretty much tell her the basics and she knows what I am saying. It is CRAZY how much she understands.

Let’s go get sissy from school – She will run to the nearest door.
Let’s go upstairs!
Let’s get your shoes on
Can you take this to the trash please?
Come here
Let’s change your diaper!
NO!!!!! (that is said about a million times in our house)
Go get the shoe
Go get a book

It is a fun age.

5. Lindy is loving school. We are happy with the school too. I met with her teacher this week to discuss something she had written on Lindy’s progress report and I was absolutely freaked out about the conversation. I really wanted the teacher to know that Lindy is bored with the schoolwork because she already knows it. Those kinds of conversations DON’T come organically to me. I can’t just tell someone how I feel in a situation like that – I HATE conflict. And lots of people say “That’s not conflict” but it is to me. Growing up, my feelings, my opinions were not good or right. I wasn’t really allowed to go there or express my feelings in a safe environment. It was my dad’s way or the highway. I know MANY of you had similar situations. So, these types of conversations, come across as conflict. I am working through it, but it can cause quite a bit of anxiety. Anyways, I did find out from her teacher that Lindy just can’t sit still in school. I had no idea. I’ve gone through all these stages: denial, anger that I didn’t know this and some other woman did!, anger – I can FIX THIS as soon as Lindy gets home. :) , and the lot. I am reminded that this is the first year she is in school, this is the year to work on these things.

6. I really really really miss Indiana. I feel like I betrayed my best friend. All I can think about is how he could have lived another year at least and I decided to just be done. Ugh. It is rotten. If I had walked him, would he have been better? I know if I had paid thousands of dollars he could have been better. I miss opening the door and not seeing him greet us EVERY single time. I REALLY really miss the fact that he used to clean up my floors, especially around Ruby’s high chair. I actually have to sweep my floors now. Ugh. But with all that there has been a really good relief. No more hair, no more pee, not one more thing to think about.

7. We got a call from Dale’s sister last week and Dale’s father apparently fell out of a tree and hurt himself. Broken collar bone and 3 broken ribs I believe. My sister-in-law mentioned that when she told people they would say “and why was he in a tree?” Same here. I get that question quite a bit. Besides my husband, my father-in-law is one of the hardest working men I know. He was working in a tree of course. Those kinds of calls though take your breath away.

That’s about it right now. Hope you are all enjoying the fall weather wherever you are.


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