Things I want to Remember

On the phone with Lindy the first day of school as she rides home with daddy.

Lindy: “momma, I want to go to bed when I get home”.

Me: “Why? You tired from all that school?”

Lindy: “No! I want to wake up and go to school again!”

Look what we GOT in the mail yesterday!!!! OUR STARS!!! If you remember, I am wanting to give a gift to our kids every year they go to school and settled on this idea from another blogger.

Let me just tell you, the packaging ALONE for these stars was absolutely incredible. I’ve never received a gift that was THIS personal. The packaging from the box to the wrapping to the individual tags was VERY beautiful and colorful. I was so excited about the packaging and I hadn’t even unwrapped the stars!

Lindy: “momma”, I’m glad I don’t have to be home all day.”

Me: “why?!!!”

Lindy: “I don’t have to hear Ruby fuss all day!”

We also got a “family theme” star with our verse. Hoping to put it near the breakfast table. I told Lindy that she’ll get to keep HER 13 stars after she’s done with school and mommy and daddy will keep THEIR stars too (with the verses).

Me: “Lindy, have you been the line leader yet?”

Lindy: “No, I am the last one to get there.”

Me: “hmm…You mean when you get dropped off?”

Lindy: “Yes. I think you should drive me. Daddy’s car is too slow.”

And Lindy, thinking of her best friend cousin, Kellyn:

Lindy: “Momma, when Kellyn comes, will I have to go to school?”

P.S. I received a star for Baldsicenceguy, aka my brother-in-law as well. Didn’t snap a picture because, of course, the packaging was too nice to open. I had to save it for him. Kavan – It was shipped to you, you should receive it tomorrow!!


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