Week 27 -Couch to Triathlon

Well, I’ve been training for the triathlon now for 27 weeks. I am weary. 7 months is a pretty long training schedule.

I am crazy excited and to be honest, I get a little sick to my stomach every time I think about it.

I am happy to say that I even found many ways to exercise on our vacation. Dale and I took my bike on our trip and we found 2 opportunities to ride. One 20 mile ride along the Mississippi in Illinois and then another 25 mile ride in Minnesota with our nephew Luke. Both rides, I TANKED at mile 18, just completely lost energy and then by mile 22 I was back again. I’ve decided to eat something at mile 15, so maybe I won’t tank at mile 18. Remember, I have NO idea what I am doing. :)

I did an open water swim at Cornerstone and did just fine. Really murky water, couldn’t even see my hands while I was swimming and couldn’t touch the bottom. It was also a 150m stretch so that pushed me and my lungs. Found another pool while we were in Minnesota and got a mile swim in.

I ran once on my in-laws 20 year old treadmill, that was all the running I did. That is going to be the HARDEST part for me. Ugh. HATE running.

Yesterday I ran a 10k….rather, ran and walked a bit. I was struggling. The running is now slated as the hardest leg for me. I just have a hard time making my body run when I could just walk. So weird. It is ALL completely mental for me. Luckily, Dale rode his bike alongside with the girls in the bike trailer and he was able to push me to keep going. I have a hard time pushing through at mile 3 and then when I hit mile 4, I think I hit my stride. I ran the course for the triathlon and it felt good knowing where I was going. I am going to have to pick up my pace though, I did a SLOW 10k. I’m not even going to tell you how long it took.

2 more weeks!!! If you want to come cheer me on, I’d love to see you on the route! The Pittsburgh Triathlon starts at 6:45am on Sunday the 29th.


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