From the Phone

I love my girls so much. It is painful to think about HOW much I love them because they are not mine. They are God’s. It is a painful reminder that God gives and He takes away – there is nothing we can do to change that. I can plead everyday to God to save my children from evil, from dying before I do; but there is just no guarantee that that will happen. That is sad and depressing to think about but also puts life in perspective. NOTHING in this world is more important than our Creator. I have to remind myself that whenever I get life out of perspective.

Here is Lindy trying out her tightrope walking. She got pretty good at it.

Ruby’s first sandbox visit. Now, this is important because I HATE sand. And it is not really in the moment of playing in the sand, it is AFTERWARDS. All I could think about was every little grain of sand dropping from Ruby’s toes into the car, into her crib, into the house, into her diaper. Gives me the creeps. ugh. That is probably why Dale and I don’t vacation at the beach (that and we don’t live NEAR a beach). Well, Ruby warmed up to it and by the time we left, she was scooping handfuls into her mouth. Gross.

I can’t even BEGIN to explain how good of a feeling it is to have Dale around. FINALLY. My husband, the girls’ father, my best friend has time to play with us.

Saturday, we had an epic day of play at our local International Children’s Festival. Our Fabulous friend who runs the event was able to get us into all the events free – she is amazing. First was a luminarium (sp?), full of color and mazes.

Then Lindy did her first real rock climb – taking after her daddy.

Face painting with an appointment from our friend. Wait in line was only 10 minutes as opposed to the 2 hour line on the other side of the tent!

And a carefree time of playing in the water fountain. It was probably 90 degrees out in full sun. She was soaked but it was pure joy watching her jump around in the cool water.

Ruby wanted to try it as well. She kept wanting to sit down in it.

Summer is right around the corner. Can’t believe it. Also can’t believe that Ruby will be turning one in just a couple of months. Crazy huh? We plan on filling our days with the pool and summer camps.

We found out that this year is the last year of Cornerstone – the music festival that Dale and I met at. So, we’ve been seriously discussing attending the last year and I think we are going to do it! We have been chatting with some of our friends as well – I think we are going to meet up and camp together with our kids. Should be interesting 100 degree weather, full sun and 5 days of camping, music, and our children. Last time we were there, 9 years ago, was our honeymoon! Want to join us? Let us know.

Also, we are looking for a young lady to go with us to help with all the kiddos. Let me know if you are that young lady and interested or know of someone who would like to go. We will pay for price of admission to the festival and food.


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