From the Phone

Can I just say that we are COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS!!! 9 more days of school for Dale until Summertime. FINALLY. I will see my husband.

You can’t tell, but we are on a ferris wheel above -at school. AT LEAST at the end of the year, the school has a carnival and we have taken Lindy every year. I like how Lindy is kissing air. We also took some friends, below. They enjoyed carting Ruby around everywhere.

They are such big helpers.

We got Lindy one of those butterfly kits -where they mail you caterpillars and you watch their life cycle as they form cocoons and then turn into butterflies. I had one as a kid and remembering enjoying it so much. It was really really cool. And it just so happens that last week, we traveled to DC to spend a week with my sister and the butterflies started hatching the morning we were to leave, so we just took them with us!

So, we decided to leave for DC on Monday afternoon, hoping to beat traffic as we would have to travel through a tunnel and we know how crazy people are about going slower in tunnels around here. HOURS of traffic just because people slow down. Me and the girls, the dog, the car was packed and Lindy’s stomach hurt. Now, the entire weekend she had diarrhea, some sort of bug, so I attributed the stomach ache to that. But then as we are DRIVING out of town, she is crying uncontrollably and really upset. I have images of appendix bursting and cancer. I decide to stop at an urgent care center on our way out of town. Basically, we paid $10 for Lindy to use the toilet there and be completely ok afterwards. Literally. She cried the whole way into the hospital and then the minute we get to the room, the doctor comes our way and we make our way to the bathroom. She comes out as happy as a clam. SMH. I’m sure the doctor thought I was crazy.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures the week we were in DC, but we enjoyed our time with my sister and Kellyn. Just relaxing. We’d sit in bed at night and watch tv, we cooked a lot of healthy meals, we took turns napping. AND we went on a few runs. Ran 4 miles, 2 days in a row. Luckily, Liz, pushed the 100 extra pounds of girls and stroller. When we got back on the first day, we found out the stroller had a FLAT tire. So, she gets lots of points for pushing that, running -all with a flat tire. We found a bike store and the teenage boy seemed a little too confident in fixing it. I KNEW I should have asked more questions. He fixed a few spokes and aired up the tire. We got home, packed the girls up to run (which takes about 1 hour to get everything ready), when we were all ready, Liz came inside, THE STROLLER WAS FLAT AGAIN. GRRRR. WE UNLOADED the girls, packed them all in the car AGAIN and went to the bike store. The wheel needed an intertube. Ugh. We were determined to get this run in. 3 hours later, we were running.

It was a great trip visiting. So glad they moved closer to us.

And the newest addition to the Harris family – meet Sugar. My friend Jan has had Sugar for years and has asked me to take her for years. I finally caved in. Lindy is absolutely obsessed -like no other animal that we’ve had. She takes Sugar out of her cage every hour to play with her and then puts her back to rest. The dog tries to not make eye contact with the bird and the cats want nothing to do with her -yet. Upon taking Sugar home Lindy said, “We will have a zoo!!!”

Our May Day baskets this year. We enjoyed dropping off 6 baskets to our friends yesterday for May Day. We didn’t get all crafty this year and make baskets, I was too tired.

Sugar even got her own may day basket. Complete with cheerios and crackers.

Sisters trading places.


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