From the Phone

This hammock has been sitting in Dale’s closet since my junior year in college. I got it for him on my first trip to Guatemala. FINALLY put it up and enjoyed swinging in the breeze.

Saturday night after Dale’s show, we decided to go swing dancing -it was vintage night. Come all dressed up. I decided to be as authentic as I could and did a little trick that I used to do in highschool and college. Historical fact #1,592 is that stockings were in such rare shortage that women had to resort to drawing a line up the back of their leg to resemble the seam. I made Dale draw a line (in sharpie) up the back of my leg to look like stockings. It was hysterical. People could not stop talking about it. Of course, almost a week later, the lines are still on the back of my leg, but hey, at least the lines didn’t “run” down my leg while I was dancing.

Lindy looking so grown up. This was her about 10 minutes before her kindergarten testing to get into the private school in the Fall. When the teacher came out of the room from testing her, you would have thought that it was her own grandchild, she was ENAMORED with Lindy and she couldn’t really hide it. ha. She couldn’t stop talking about Lindy and all the things she could do. She had Lindy do a test to determine her “age” and the age range stopped at 6 years, 7 months. She said, Lindy was off the charts…they didn’t have any more ages after that. She is one smart cookie.

LOVE THIS PHOTO taken at Lowe’s. Both girls fit in the car and as you can tell, they were both pretty happy about it.

Don’t worry, all the BAD photos of me cranky, the girls crying, me sleeping, Dale always gone, my loneliness, my dirty house, the kitty box, are not included in this post. I don’t want you to get the idea that life is perfect around here.



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