Stupid Calories Gotta be the Insulin

I mentioned that I was going to talk about those stupid calories.

So, since I have been HARDCORE training for a triathlon and all; going from a sedentary lifestyle to working out 4 times a week, I would have thought I’d lose some weight. At least one pound. Would be nice to lose 50, right? This all sounds so familiar doesn’t it? I tried to find some older posts where I am almost POSITIVE I said the above paragraph before. We’ve been here. Done that.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Staying at that lovely 180lbs.

So, I decided to write down every single calorie that goes into my mouth. Calories couldn’t POSSIBLY be my problem. Nope.

The day I started to just track, not necessarily cutting all the way to 1500 calories (but tracking in and of itself made me realize how many calories I had been eating) I ate over 2500 CALORIES. Yes, I just admitted that to the world. GROSS. And that was me being CAREFUL that day. So, not just eating 20 chips, but maybe only eating 10, and having 1 cookie in the morning instead of 3 throughout the day. Do you get what I’m saying!!! Even at the training pace I am working at, 2500 calories is way too much. No WAY I was burning that much in the gym. I HAD to have been eating 3000 calories.

So, I came out of that world of denial again and cut back on my consumption of calories. Down to a 1500-1700 goal range. I don’t want the perfectionist in me to get upset if I eat 1680 instead of the 1500. I have to make a range.

I lost 5 pounds in 4 days.

And that is it.

Don’t know if it was a fluke, coincidence or what not, but for the past 3 weeks of tracking calories. I haven’t lost anymore and I’m back up to 180.

Sigh. I thought I was on to something. Yes, I think I am MUCH healthier for cutting back all the excessive calories, but for most people, you lose weight and continue to lose weight at this pace. I’m not going to give up and funny thing, I’m sure I’m going to hear one of you say…

Just give it time
Your body will catch up
Are you sure you’re not starving yourself?
Are you just eating 1500 in FAT calories?

I’ve thought through all of those. I’m working on them all.

All I can think about is…its gotta be the diabetes, the INSULIN rather.

Photo borrowed from Medical Daily

I started to notice the weight gain with Everett’s pregnancy but I also went on the insulin pump 3 months before Everett -that is when it all started. I went from one type of injectable insulin to a pump with a different kind of insulin.

After researching the insulin that I am taking, EVERY piece of literature and fine print says “weight gain.”

I called my endocrinologist and asked if I was on to something and he said, “I haven’t heard of anything like that. ” SERIOUSLY? You haven’t heard of insulin and gaining weight!!!!

Time to find a new doctor. I was so irritated that I childishly threatened that I’d just stop taking my insulin (I know, I know, very mature huh?)

He prescribed a new insulin, I will start it in a few days. We will see.

For another post, another day: WHY WAS I EATING 3000 CALORIES A DAY?! I truly think that we eat to fill a void in our life, I’ll tell you what my void is.


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