Couch to Triathlon -Week 13

Well, the start of week 13, just didn’t start too hot.

Packed our 5 bags up, loaded the kids up, got everything ready (takes a lot of thinking and planning), planning to spend a good solid 2 hours training.

I was swimming laps at the gym, about 15 minutes into my 45 minutes and I started to feel funky. No energy. My stroke was getting sloppy. My mind was a little foggy. I did a few more laps and it was not getting any better. I decided to call it quits. Really irritated, feeling like a failure that I couldn’t get my 45 minutes in. Was it mental or physical? Couldn’t tell yet.

But, I always get in the hot tub after the pool. It is a reward to myself. As I’m walking into the hot tub, I’m light headed and just not feeling well. In my mind, I’m thinking, “Hannah, don’t get into the hot tub” “Remember all those signs say don’t do this if you are light headed!”. I sit in the tub for maybe 2 minutes and I am crashing. It has got to be my blood sugars.

I slowly get out of the hot tub, a little wonky. Afraid I’ll keel over into the pool as I walk by to the locker room. Thinking of all the things that would happen and how embarrassed I would be if I passed out and even still annoyed that my workout is essentially over.

I dig my gym bag out of the locker and fish for my meter. I NEVER test before I workout because I’ve never had a problem or a need to. Well, today would have been a good day to do that.

49. Crap.

I fish in my bag for a granola bar, something to give me some energy. Nothing.

I don’t have my wallet in my bag, it is in another bag in the car. The thought of getting dressed (I’m soaking wet) and going out to my car seems like a million miles away. My brain is starting to slow down. Foggy. The thought of putting my bag back into the locker sounds like a lot of work. I think of going to the Juice Bar and just asking for something and saying “I’ll pay you in 15 minutes after I’m done drinking this juice”. No. Don’t want to draw attention to myself. As I form thoughts, you’d think my brain was sifting through mud, super super slow.


I slowly get dressed. Pack my bag up. Walk to my car (trying to avoid seeing my children through the childcare window, I don’t want them to think I’m leaving them). Grab my wallet. Head to the juice bar and pretty much eat a buffet of foods. Yes folks, I went to the gym and ate more calories than I had burned in the last 2 days.


I still had over an hour to train. So, I head to the bikes. Determined to just bike for an hour at my usual rate.

Ha. It was over after 2 miles. I just had no energy and I was beat.

I picked up the girls and to top of my irritation, we went and got some fast food.

TODAY will be a different day with different choices. Gym tonight to bike for 2 hours.

Otherwise, I’ve been doing pretty good.

I signed up with a team for the Half Marathon Relay coming up in May. I have a hard time making myself run, so I needed a goal to get me up to speed. My part of the relay will be 4.7 miles and the last leg; so the FUN one. I can finally run up to 3 miles without walking or stopping.

The week I had strep really seemed to put me behind on training and I have YET to feel like I’ve caught back up. I feel like my stamina is gone when I am swimming. I’m sucking air a lot, I have no idea why. I was doing so good, swimming for an hour without stopping. Now, I have a hard time making 5 laps without stopping.

Biking is easy for me. Right now, I can do 13 miles in an hour, I feel like I’m in a good place but would like to get 14 miles in an hour for the race. We’ll see. Biking on the road and biking in the gym is different , so once Dale is off school, I’ll be able to leave the girls with him and bike around my neighborhood.

So, that is a recap of my training. Still plugging away and unless I have an injury or something else drastic come up…I’m on target!


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