7 Months!

Can’t believe Ruby is already 7 months old. She is doing BEAUTIFULLY. Eating 6-7 ounces a time with her bottle, holding it all by herself, and eating stage 2 foods already! She is in the rocking stage, up on all fours and rocking. Can’t quite figure out what to do next but she will be crawling soon.

We were excited to join one of our 4th grade friends at his school yesterday. He was jumping in the Jump Rope For Heart through the American Heart Association and he was doing it in honor of Ruby! It was a joy to share her story. I was given the opportunity to speak to all of them and then watched our little friend jump rope. THANK YOU to all our family and friends that donated to the cause -we announced on facebook and our friend was the TOP fundraiser of his ENTIRE school! You guys are AMAZING.

Our friends gave the girls both bears -each bear had hearts on their sweaters.

I realize that the majority of my posts are about Ruby. I DO LOVE LINDY! I PROMISE!

Above she is pictured with her best friend cousin Kellyn. My sister lives 4 hours from us and we like to get together at least once a month. I enjoy her company so much.

Today, we visited our second school for Lindy and we knew the minute we walked in that it was the school for us. I AM SO EXCITED. I don’t know if I mentioned the first school we visited. I really wanted it to be the one, but we walked away disappointed. They didn’t hold Bible classes and we were told that “not all kids memorize well” so we don’t do memory verses. Really? Sounds like modern Christianity to me -a bit lite. So we unintentionally went in the complete opposite direction and looked at a “classical” Christian Education approach. I LOVE IT and a month ago, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what it was. Let me share some stuff they shared with us.

*Taken from a brochure…”Classical Christian Education”

Which statement do you most agree?
Success in college and in the job market are the primary reasons I send my child to school OR
If my child’s education builds wisdom, the natural result will be success in life.

Education should be entertaining so that children can enjoy their childhood OR
Education is a joy unto itself for the student who is taught to love learning.

Education trains children in the knowledge and skills that they will need OR
Education teaches children the art of learning; it trains the mind in how to think well.

Education at school can be value-neutral. We teach our family values at home OR
All education teaches an inherent value system. Therefore school should instill values consistent with your family’s.

I LIKE all the second phrases and feel they are important. I honestly couldn’t tell you what the last school’s approach was -but it wasn’t clearly articulated. I don’t even know what the approach is for public schools, but we found this approach and I think it is what we were looking for. We are filling out the paperwork now!

We’re not sure on how we are going to pay for it, but we are going to step out in faith. It’ll be a sacrifice and I’m not sure we could pay for 2 kids to go there, but that is 5 years away.

Can’t believe I only have 5 more months at home with Lindy.


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