Rights and Wrongs

I know this is a highly sensitive topic and very personal but I wanted to address it here.

Just read a blog that I’ve been following and the 5 month pregnant mother just found out that her child has some serious heart defects. She has 3 choices. Abort the baby, deliver the baby and let nature take over where the child will die within a week, or give birth and use every medical intervention possible to save the child.

I immediately commented on the blog (and tried not to be condescending in any way) and said, give the little guy a chance. I would give anything to see my son alive, even if only for 2 minutes. You don’t want to have any regrets. It’ll be a painful time whether it be 2 minutes or 2 years…

Out of 47 comments, I think only TWO of us said, KEEP YOUR BABY ALIVE.


Everybody kept saying “do what is best for your and your family.” “Your heart will tell you” “Any decision made from love is the right decision.”


Killing your child is not a decision made from love. it is a selfish decision. Even if you say, “I’m doing it to protect the child.” No…more than likely you are doing it to protect YOURSELF. Yes, from all the pain that you will have to go through.

I have always been pro-life; but when I hear of educated woman who have a child in utero that they don’t want and then proceed to kill that child all in the name of love….I just really can’t stomach that thought. I get angry. Hence this blog post.

I am not condemning this woman, I am just deeply saddened that when given a choice, someone CHOOSES for their child to die.


People say, “you won’t really know what you’d do unless you’re in that situation.” Yes, folks. I do know what I would do. I would NOT terminate the pregnancy. I would not willingly allow a doctor to stop my baby’s heartbeat forever.

I know this is a deep and very personal decision between couples and I have a hard time speaking my mind because I don’t want to get yelled at. I know I probably won’t change anybody’s mind who has already determined in their heart that they are going to abort their child but I just can’t sit back and say “whatever you want to do honey.”

That little boy deserves life, deserves to grow and change and kick and develop, even if he is not perfect. Why do WE get to decide who lives and dies?

I am deeply saddened by the crap in this world and how people truly believe there are no real “right or wrongs” anymore. And so many people ENCOURAGE others to just do what “feels right” for them and nothing else matters.

Again, I am not condemning but there really is right and wrong in this world.

If you have in the past, terminated a pregnancy, I am sure there is deep pain and sadness and guilt but also great sorrow over losing a child. I know part of that pain. I understand that sorrow. This blog is addressed to mothers who are contemplating terminating their pregnancy; I do not want to condemn those who already have. I don’t wish ANY guilt on anyone over their past decisions. Sucks enough if we have guilt, don’t need someone hitting us over the head with it.

I wish that no one ever had to go through the loss of a child -but PLEASE don’t CHOOSE to end the life of something so precious, a child, a blessing no matter what the outcome.

Child of rape, heart defects, no chance of survival. Miracles still do happen today. Each of these children are a gift.

And as I write this, I can’t help but think about the one decision where a mother has to choose HER life or her child’s life. If a woman is 18 weeks pregnant and the doctor says “you must deliver or you’ll die”. How can a mother with 2 kids and a husband at home make that decision? The baby would not survive at that age; but the 2 kids and husband need ‘mom’ around. Is that the only exception to the rule? Is it really an exception?

Can’t wait for God to restore His Kingdom where there will be no more tears. No more death. No more decisions like this.


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