Not Me Monday November 20, 2011

It’s back! McKmama has brought back “Not Me Mondays” where she posts her crazy stories by being brutaly honest. I have decided to post as well. Read some of my old ones.

Surprisingly, this weeks has a lot to do with grossness. Weird.

So, as I was trying to figure out this nursing thing with Ruby and trying to get my supply up, there is no WAY I even remotely considered having my 4 year old nurse so that my supply would be ramped up. Nope. I never would have had that conversation with my husband. Gross.

Our washing machine broke. I went to the laundromat about 3 weeks ago and in the meantime, I haven’t been able to find a few of our clothes, specifically, my favorite shirt. I decided I must have left something in a washing machine. I did go back last night to see if they had kept any clothing from the machines and I did NOT proceed to dig through bags of moldy laundry to try and find our stuff. Gross (P.S. I did not find the clothing).

Lindy and I decided to tackle her room and get it cleaned. She tends to take out every piece of clothing in her dresser and throw them on the ground. When we were all done cleaning, she did not say, “Mommy, I found 3 rotten apples in my room. The more older they get the more rotten they get. The more rotten they get the more squishy they get.” I always make sure her bedtime snack is cleaned up before I go to bed. I would NEVER let 3 apples rot on her nightstand before cleaning it up. Gross.


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