32 Weeks

Biggest frustration this week was seeing my endocrinologist today and finding my blood results a bit higher than I wanted. Luckily, I have a “guilt-free” doctor who doesn’t seem concerned at all. He keeps saying “You do realize that is normal and supposed to happen right?” Yes, I know that towards the end here, insulin resistance is the game to play but it can be so frustrating when there is no rhyme or reason. I am up to 100+ units of insulin a day when I was just at 60 units 2 months ago. THAT IS A LOT OF resistance!! Good thing, my doctor has always got a plan. We are throwing out the carb counting and just jumping to a sliding scale. The numbers he gave me to use are drastic -my pump doesn’t even allow me to take that much insulin in one setting; BUT IT WORKED tonight for dinner. Within an hour of eating, I was right where I should be. Hallelujah.

Week 32

How Far Along: 32 weeks today!
Anticipated Arrival Date: Who knows! The week of July 18th is week 36. I foresee last week in July if there are no complications; but week 36 has always brought about something in the past…so we are just being realistic.
Name Yet?: Thought we had a name…now we don’t. This one is HARD!
Size of Baby: Roughly 3.75 pounds.
Weight Gain: Now I can’t remember my starting weight…I think I might be up to 16 pounds. Gotta ask my OB/GYN tomorrow.
Sleep: So, I know I can sleep anytime anywhere, but just this week, I noticed my pattern of waking up every two hours. Literally. It was either the dog, the cat, Lindy or Dale or having to pee. So, I eliminated 2 of the distractions, the animals have been banished to the first floor so that I don’t hear or see them on the second floor. I usually wake up to the kitty bell or the dog’s nails clacking along the floor. Dale usually comes to bed later and every once in a while, Lindy will wake up for some reason. The first night I tried it out…I slept 5 HOURS straight and then…well, Lindy fell out of bed. BUT it was a good five hours. I felt completely different. So, now down to peeing 3 times a night. Not too bad!
Movement:I LOVE this feeling. Love love love it. She is squirming and moving around a lot. I’m going to start officially kick counting. Gotta find a good system to do so. Today, I think I started to feel some Braxton Hicks, a good sign of things to come.
Emotions: I feel the strong urge to start preparing for this baby. Dale and I are not quite on the same page and he is crazy busy with all kinds of other stuff. I just don’t want to have reason for my blood pressure to go up, I’m a planner. If I feel that things are not ready, who knows what that could do to my pressure. We have come to sort of a compromise, so we’ll get a few things done before she arrives. We know SO many people who don’t do a thing until their rainbow baby comes home breathing…I just have to get a few things put together in HOPES that all goes smoothly.
Swelling:This week, started to see and feel the phalanges swelling a tad bit. I’ve been keeping a close eye on my ankles and face -I think I’ll start to show there more if I start developing pre-eclampsia, but so far, so good! Blood Pressure is ideal and very consistent between all 4 doctors. Had to take my rings off due to the swelling.
Symptoms:Probably too much information, but I’m sure someone out there has had something similar…I got this rash on my leg…I thought it started out as a bug bite but then it spread. It itches like NONE other and it will NOT go away. So weird. Went to my PCP and she said it was more than likely an allergy but decided to treat it as a bacterial infection with some meds. I walked away feeling not as assured about her diagnosis. Called my Dermatologist and they couldn’t see me until second week in July. Went to my endocrinologist today and he said, “oh, that is a pregnancy thing, right on your shin too, textbook.” Apparently it is Arythema Nodosum? Never heard of it but glad to know it won’t affect this pregnancy in any way.

Sometimes I feel like I am complaining a lot this pregnancy…but I think I am just making note of absolutely everything that is going on this time and I won’t let any anomaly go undocumented. I promise…I am SO GLAD we are on this road to grow our family, even if it means my body goes a little wacko.

Well, next post, will be my 200th official post -Giving away something fabulous to help you stay organized! Stay tuned!


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