New York City -Spring Break 2011

Spring Break 2011 was extra special for us this year, primarily because Dale had been working super super fulltime between school and work and he had about 5 days completely OFF. We planned a trip to NYC -my (Hannah) first time EVER (The greyhound station at 5am one morning does not count) and all we knew was that we wanted to see 2 Broadway shows and we had less than 38 hours to do so. So we traveled to DC, hung out for a few days with my sister and family and they were able to take a few days off of work to watch Lindy while we were gone. So, bright and early Wednesday morning, Dale and I boarded a MegaBus bound for NYC!

We got the front row seats on the top -a VERY nice view. We were able to sleep most of the way and woke up right outside of the Lincoln tunnel. I didn’t care how long the bus ride was…I was pretty much elated to have my husband’s undivided attention for the next 38 hours.

First stop? Empire State Building. I was impressed by the line system they had going on in the building. I kept thinking, “Oh, it is right around the corner.” Had there been 500 people ahead of us, I would have been cranky. Luckily, we were in a line of about 50 people, so we made our way through the line efficiently. I would HAVE NOT waited in a line with 500+ people and I’m sure many people do. To give you an idea of how fast we made our way through. We got off our bus, walked to the Empire State Building and came down in the first hour and a half in New York. FAST. Forgot to use the bathroom before we got all the way back to the bottom. Had to find a bathroom!

Found a bathroom on our way to Pennsylvania Station. Couldn’t miss a restaurant along the way…can you see what it is above? We sent Lindy a picture message and she loved it.

We were on a hunt for a restaurant for lunch BATHROOM. Found a pizza joint but not bathroom, skipped it. Found another place, Cafe Metro and took advantage of the facilities. Never realized how much I’d miss a bathroom when I am pregnant and in a city where they are not easy to come by. Ate some pizza and salad and then started walking towards Times Square.

Quick stop in Grand Central Station. Between lunch and our first show, we had an hour to spend in Times Square. So, we tried to catch a bus. Now, we are both city folk, we have some street smarts…promise. So, we jump on a bus, pull out our dollar bills and guess what? They don’t take dollar bills? We had to have coins or a transit card. !! Ugh. So, we hoofed it to Times Square.

Times Square was incredible. Absolutely amazing. I have never had any real desire to spend time there or care to do so…but I could have stood there for hours soaking it all in. Yes, it was pure commercialism but it was almost art to see everything going on. Amazing. The weather was nice, the sun was out, and we were able to just stand there in the middle staring at everything.

The popular American Eagle corner. I was proud to work for AE Headquarters when they were planning/developing and building this spot. Sure do miss those years but wouldn’t trade them for my time with Lindy. On a side note, when the video stopped playing for the 2 seconds in-between, you would have thought the world was ending. It is a VERY dark corner when all of the 16 (I don’t know how many) screens go black!!

We enjoy watching 30Rock, so Rockefeller center was next. A quick stop in the Lego store and then off to see Wicked. I have wanted to see it forever and could not wait. We have some amazing friends that bought us tickets to the show, thanks C and J! The show was incredible. As good as expected. In my mind, I thought Elphaba and Galinda were sisters?! So as the story continued, you’d imagine my surprise, when I found out the real story. ha. LOVED it.

After the show, we were on a hunt to find a steak dinner AND of course…can you guess? A bathroom. As we have now covered a few miles on foot, I am starting to get tired. Not cranky yet, but on the verge. Find me a bathroom and some food, FAST. We turned a corner and found a lovely steakhouse, complete with bathrooms.

Now, the shoes, I thought were going to be “perfect” for the trip are not quite holding up. Come to find out, as Dale turned them over, they were completely worn through on the bottom! So, a quick shopping stop in Times Square before our 8 o’clock Spiderman Turn off the Dark preview. Found some cute shoes, bought some socks and feet felt 101% more comfortable.

Well, I wish my blog review of Spiderman Turn off the Dark would make a difference in its existence but that show was ATROCIOUS. Good thing it is being pulled! Wow. We purposely bought tickets just so we could see what all the fuss was about and boy did we enjoy the fuss. Right before intermission, they had a classic malfunction with the flying rigs and the Green Goblin got stuck mid-air. It was so fun to see. They had to bring the house lights up and make an announcement. 15 minutes later, they skipped to the end of the act and pretended like all was okay. Now, the flying above the audience was really cool to watch. The flying on stage looked really really stupid. Basically, Spiderman had a metal diaper on his body with 6 wires coming out of it. It would have been cool if we were at the circus or an acrobat show…NOT Broadway. It was really really awful to watch him “wriggle” around through the wires. The female lead actress had no acting ability. The best we could equate it to was a Branson show or name your favorite amusement park and envision those corny shows. Come to find out, the night we went to the show, the director was fired…so I’m sure the cast was not on their game. I don’t think they can salvage what they have and once they get it right…I’m not sure anybody will care at that point. Here I am bored to tears. I almost fell asleep twice.

After the show, we booked it to the subway station and my lovely husband who is VERY savvy on reading maps, got us on some trains to the East Village where we were going to crash on some friends’ couch. It was late. Midnight and yet, our friend Guy was up waiting for us and gave us his time for almost an hour. It was nice to catch up. Rebecca joined us off and on as the baby was having a rough night. We crashed in their very humble space, 3 kids and all. We are VERY grateful for their generosity in hosting us. Albeit, they really didn’t have a choice. We sent them an e-mail with something along the lines of…we know you have a small space in NY, we will sleep on your floor if we have to. Please take us in!!!

We woke up to the gatherings of children and lunches as the kiddos were getting ready for school. Made me miss Lindy. It was also nice to see how another family runs and wow, the Wasko’s run pretty efficiently! They were up and ready to walk out the door in less than 45 minutes to catch their bus to school. Rebecca and the baby graciously walked us to a lovely diner and we had breakfast. A quick tour of where Guy and Rebecca have been called to, Trinity Grace East Village Church. Made us want to support the Wasko’s in their ministry…because now we have actually SEEN with our eyes what is going on in their lives. They are called to minister to the people in their neighborhood and feel very passionately about being Jesus to those around them and intentional about bringing others to Christ. You should check out their ministry.

Well, after our quick breakfast and tour, we rushed to the subway station (almost grabbed some snacks because I KNEW I’d be hungry on the bus, but we are too scared we will miss our train) to catch a few trains into the city to catch our Megabus home. Guess what we forgot to do when we had a chance? Yes, find a bathroom. So, we are standing in the megabus line…CAN’T get out of line because who knows where the nearest bathroom is. It was a LONG wait. Happy to finally get on board and find the bathroom. So, we board at 11:30ish and the bus ride is almost 5 hours long. I had not packed ANY food and come 3:00, my sugars are getting unusally low. I am eye-balling the kid sitting two seats down and all the snacks he had packed. Angry at myself for skipping the chance to buy corn nuts and Gatorade. I tell myself, worse comes to worse, I’ll beg the kid to give me a candy bar. We make it off the bus in DC and I have absolutely NO energy, no fuel and we have to walk to the subway station. Wow. I was a mess. We stopped at a Starbucks or something and I grab everything that looks appealing. I don’t think yogurt ever tasted so good. You would have thought I hadn’t eaten for days. Very dramatic. ha.

Catch a train to where my sister lives and then a cab to her house. Probably use her bathroom right away. I cannot quite remember.

A lovely trip together and grateful for the family and friends there were able to make it possible!


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