September 15th -slacking already am I?

Are we really halfway through the month!?

Well, I must say, I was on such a high from last months perfect grocery budget, I thought I could CHEAT a little this month and relax a bit. I haven’t been tracking grocery spending by the day…Well I was slightly nervous towards the 15th, wondering how my money was going to level out…

Happy to say, I was only $3 over on the 15th of the month. YIPPEE! So, in celebration, I bought $21 worth of steak and made some yummy kabobs last night. Cant’ buy groceries for a few days, but they were totally worth it.

I do admit that doing this has changed my mindset a bit. Maybe that is all I really needed to push myself to work on the grocery spending. Shopping previously, I would just buy whatever we wanted and needed with no account on how it would affect the rest of the month. Now, I have a little bit of accountability (Nobody is forcing me here), and it is a fun game.

Hope you are finding ways to save money!


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