First Month -$15 A day

Well, it worked. $15 a day for 31 days. One month down AND I was able to hold off shopping the last 3 days of the month, freeing up $45 for stocking up at the beginning of the month! And we still have food in the house (ask the tenant in the attic, she might laugh)!

That is a grand total of $465 a month, roughly $250 less than what we have been spending. Not bad (I pat myself on the back). I feel very accomplished and excited about trying it again this month. Although, I believe we might have another person moving in with us this month. That’ll bring our total per day up by $3. Let’s just concentrate on $15 for now…

Somebody asked me the question if it was harder to eat healthy. I think in general…it is more expensive to eat healthy. Do you agree? Thats a shame too. It should be the OTHER away around. Fresh fruit and veggies should be cheaper than mac and cheese. With this plan, I am making more shopping trips which allows me to get more fresh veggies and fruit. I am not sacrificing on health with this budget. I am still spending more dollars on healthy cereal, skipping the great sugar deals in bags.

I didn’t mention that we also have a stash of money set aside for “household good” such as laundry detergent, cat food, TP, and curtains. And we also have a small amount for eating out. I think in the past I have not been diligent enough to separate the household items out. Now, I actually pay for the items separately.

I’ve enjoyed reading all of your tips and encouragement. Let me know if you start tracking your money by the day. I’d love to see how we compare!


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