Day Fourteen -My God

Well, HOW long did it take me to write 14 days worth? 21?! Well, today marks the official 14th day of my speaking joy series.

Secretly, I thought MAYBE I could speak SO MUCH joy, I’d wake up with a positive pregnancy test.

Well, not this month.

I still want to choose joy and continue to speak it.

I have joy in my heart because of my relationship with Christ. In the past 17 months, I’ve had a hard time communicating with God and working out my anger.

In the past month, I have sensed a burden lifted and a calm upon my spirit, just basking in the love of God -even though things don’t go my way. Today I sat in church and thought to myself, “who am I, that I think my ways are the best?”

I have joy that of ALL the religions in the WORLD, we worship the only Saviour that ROSE from the dead. No other religion has a being that is still living! I have joy knowing that He is alive and living in me. I have joy that He still speaks to me, even when I am not actively listening or pursuing Him. His Holy Spirit still speaks to my soul and leads me, encourages me. I have joy that the Bible is full of the TRUE living Words and that Jesus lived out those words and modeled them for us.

I have joy that He has chosen ME to follow Him and serve Him on this earth. Speak Lord, I am listening and I want to obey.


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