Day Thirteen -My Sister Liz

My oldest sister also brings me joy and she and her family have made the decision to move CLOSER to family -that includes me! How JOYOUS is that?! We have been talking for years now about moving closer to each other and they are taking it for the team. I am elated that our children can grow up together, we can go to birthday parties, we can go down for the weekend just for fun. Now to get April to move at least to the U.S. again. ha.

Liz and I are a lot alike. I have followed in her footsteps numerous times in my life. I chose her alma mater for school, packed up my life and moved to the big city of Chicago. Lived with her for a summer in a studio apartment and we both worked at the fabulous Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant on Navy Pier.

I pretty much carry her around in my back pocket and anytime I need her, I call. She is my constant, spell checker, cover letter approver, basically life coach. Ever heard of those? I’ve always wanted one and she is FREE!

I am proud of Liz. She is the first generation homecoming queen (tee hee), first generation college student, first generation triathelete (sp?), first generation to climb up the ladder to an executive position and I’m sure she’ll pave more roads.

I know if I needed Liz at my doorstep within a day, she would do it and she has before. Twice.

I’m glad to see that we parent in similar ways and it brings me joy to share each other’s stories and trade advice.

I love you Liz and you are my best friend!


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