Day Twelve -Community

My community has brought me joy. Those from my childhood who I connect with on Facebook. Those who I’ve acquired through marriage. Those who have become our family here in Pittsburgh. Those who are in every stage of life that mentor me. I cannot imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have the kind of community that we have now.

The majority of our friends here in Pittsburgh, we have met through church or theatre. Just this Wednesday, I hosted a women’s Bible study in our living room. 9 women and 14 KIDS?!! wow! But it was nice to sit and talk with women who go through the SAME battles that I do and encourage me even still.

I have dear friends that have already had children in the toddler ages but now their children are teenagers, these friends call me and talk about the real issues of life with me and mentor me along the way. I EAT it up. I should probably just take a notepad with me when we meet because I’m taking so many mental notes. Being around them puts life into perspective that I’m not crazy, that ALL kids do “that” and I know that they pray for me. Sometimes I wonder what they could POSSIBLY be getting out of our relationship. I sure do feel like its a one way street, because I get A LOT out of it.

Dale and I made the joke the other day as we were hanging out with “newer” friends. He asked me if I wanted to make our “new friends” move. I said, no, why? Because every time we become better friends with people -THEY MOVE. Seriously. In the past 3 years, 4 friends have moved FAR away.

We have GREAT friends though that DIDN’T move. Ones that we can count on for anything and know that they will be there. Ones that’ll show up at the door asking for dog food when they run out. Ones that have seen my house like we NORMALLY live in it. Those who give and give and give of themselves on big and little projects. Those are the friends that you stick with through the thick and thin and come out better for it on the other side.

And for all those friends who live far away, it is nice that a lot of them are Dale’s friends because when you’re friends through a guy, it is MUCH easier. There isn’t any drama of “you haven’t called me in 6 months” like us women do. They can just pick up where they left off and don’t give us any grief. We make annual trips to visit most of them and those memories are fun.


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