Missing Days -an explanation

I have been joking with my mother and sister Liz that my “readers” are probably wondering why I have been so inconsistent in writing the past few days…

Sunday evening last week, my sister Liz and family drove through town to stay for a few days while their moving truck drove to their new house -CLOSER to me!! Yes, my sister has moved to the DC area -only a 3 1/2 hour drive instead of a 9 hour drive. Lindy and I were planning on driving to DC with them to help them unpack.

Anyhoo. We thought it would take the truck 2 days to get to DC. Monday evening they called and said, be ready tomorrow morning at 8am. So, Lindy and I packed a bag quickly and we all left Pittsburgh on Monday evening and arrived in DC at the new, empty house at midnight. We got our air mattresses out and had an adventurous night filled with excitement about the new place. The next morning, the truck arrived at 10:30 and the 2 workers proceeded to unload the entire truck for the next 9 hours straight. I was tired just watching them.

All that to say, I wasn’t able to post on Tuesday because of no internet…my mother flew in on Wednesday and that night a TERRIBLE storm came through and we lost all electricity for the next 2 days. Welcome to the neighborhood! So, I have been without electricity and therefore internet for a few days. It actually was nice. I read a 350 page book and had some nice time with family and helped unpack a few of the 200+ boxes.

We plan on heading back home on Sunday to spend the afternoon with Dale after he gets off work at 2pm. An exciting week for him!! He starts Grad School on Friday the 20th!!!


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