Our Cruise -Day Four

One word that would describe this trip is “international.” wow. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many different people, nations, and tongues. We heard at least 5 different languages on the deck on our first day from passengers and the crew was even more so diverse. Loved it.

Sunday was finally my day to sleep! I slept until 11 that morning and Dale went and worked out for a few hours. We had a nice brunch in the Windjammer cafe again.

The ship hosted a belly flop contest and an ice sculpture demonstration. The ice was melting FAST so it was quick because it was outdoors and 80 degrees.

In the middle of our afternoon, we went on a backstage tour -a highlight for both Dale and I to see the backstage and ask as many questions as we wanted to. Took ANOTHER nap in the afternoon and then lounged by the pool again all afternoon. We wanted to soak up as much sun as possible.

When we booked the trip, we had the option to have dinner just ourselves or a table of 10. We chose table of 10 of course -how fun! We had a GREAT group and truly enjoyed our conversations. You never quite know what kind of people you’ll get but we looked forward to dinner every night because of them. Dale of course had to be the entertainer. I had to rein him in a few times but only because I was the only one who understood his humor the first night. The dining room was huge -in the picture below, you can see ours was 3 stories.

After dinner, we hunted down one of the bands to see if they were playing swing and to our sadness they were not. We went star gazing again and saw more than 20 shooting stars, we packed our bags and headed to bed.

Check back later this week for the adventures of our last day which included a rooftop pool, a drink that cost $7 and the flights home that took forever.


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