Our Cruise -Day Three -Cozumel!

Did you guess where the above days of the week are located on the ship? The ELEVATORS!

Saturday was a BIG day. We woke up in Cozumel! We grabbed some breakfast and then headed down the dock to the meeting point for our excursion. Excursions are offered through the boat, or things to do when you get to the island. They are not a part of the cost, so anything you book through the ship is additional. My excursion was to swim with dolphins! Other options were parasailling, snorkeling, atv-ing. things like that. Dale didn’t want to swim with dolphins so he just paid to “observe.”

Swimming with the dolphins was exhilarating. If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE animals. We were given a 15 minute training on hand signals to use with the dolphins and then taken into the water. I was the first to swim out about 50 yards in the middle of the water with a boogie board, do the foot signal and anxiously wait for the dolphin to come up behind me under water and push me to shore. It was so scarey. In your head, sing the “du-du-du-du” song from Jaws. I had to have my legs perfectly straight and very tight, my dolphin, Titan came up and put his nose on my foot. The split second he did that, my legs weren’t straight, so he started to push and I didn’t go anywhere. He stopped and waited for me to straighten my legs and then tried again. SMART ANIMAL. He gave us kisses, I got to “hold” him, hear him talk underwater, and hold onto his fins while we swam around. It was totally worth it.

Did I mention I like animals? Totally worth the $5.

After our excursion, we were shuttled back to the port. We jumped onto the ship and had a quick lunch. After lunch our real adventure started. We rented a scooter and our destination was a bar on the other side of the island where my sister and her husband visited 2 years prior.

Love to scooter and Dale is really good at driving. Albeit, I hung on so tight for the first few miles, I lost feeling in my knuckles. ha. The ride home was a little more relaxed on my part.

We were to find their names written on the bamboo. After 45 minutes of searching…we were stumped. I think they painted over them. sorry liz…and sorry Kavan…I didn’t have a picture with you in a shirt.

As you can tell below, it was cloudy out that day but nothing could dampen our adventure to the other side of the island. We ended up on the “locals” beach. The best beach on the island. We had to drive 30 miles from the other side of the island to get away from the rocky beaches and the rest of the beaches where 4 cruise boats dumped their tourists.

We started back to the ship about 1 1/2 hours prior to it leaving. As we started the scooter up…it kept DYING. We started to wonder how we were going to get back to the ship. Did you know that the ship won’t wait?! If you’re not there, they LEAVE you. Anyhoo, after a few attempts, Dale got it started and we headed back. We only got a little lost driving through the streets of Cozumel. As we started to sweat again thinking the boat was leaving soon, we started to look down every side street for the ships in the distance. Finally, saw them and made our way over there and even had enough time to buy a souvenir.

You’d think the day would be over by now hugh? Well, it was only 5:00 at this point and we boarded the boat. We headed down to the ice skating rink for an open skate time. I let Dale enjoy that excursion. From there it was dinner time and then a highly anticipated game show called “love and marriage.” We were going to audition for it. We didn’t realize that the audition was determined by the audience. All the couples that wanted to participate had to stand up in the audience and say creatively, “oo, baby, oo baby, I really want to play, baby.” Ha. Dale kissed my hand and proceeded to kiss me up the arm while I ooed and awed. It was hysterical. People loved it. It came down to another couple and us….we lost. It was a fun show to watch, but we all know that Dale would have been MUCH more fun than anyone else. AND we got all but one answer right. You can ask me what question we got wrong -in private.

And what better way to end the night to go look at the community bulletin board and find that someone wanted to play Settlers with us that night! We headed up to the board game room and coincidentally found 2 of our dinner table friends. They played with us for and hour and a half. Notice what I’m drinking at the table? That buzz lasted about 15 minutes and then I crashed. I was practically asleep when 12:30 rolled around. wow.

I don’t think we could have packed ANY MORE into our time that day.


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