Guatemala Support Letter

As many of you know, I have been given the opportunity to be a member of a short term mission trip to Guatemala with a high school team from our church. We will be leaving the states July 11th and returning July 19th.

Missions and the Spanish language have been passions of my heart in the past and I have always desired to be called to a Spanish speaking area again to minister. I had never truly thought about joining the team this summer as I would have had a newborn; but, God knows our hearts and He gives us other ways to find joy in the midst of loss.

Our team will be partnering with 2 missionaries who are currently serving in Chichicastenango (Chichi). We will have numerous evangelism opportunities such as VBS, construction projects, drama, and possibly prison/orphanage visits. We will be visiting a few places that I had gone to when I went to Guatemala in 2002!

I want to share a few reasons, why I am excited about this trip. First, I will be helping to lead a group of high schoolers who I built relationships with when they were in Middle School! To catch up with them now -a few years later is fun to see how much they have grown! Second, is that I get to use the Spanish language! I’ve had 10 years of Spanish and feel that the words are there, I just need to use them. I look forward to communicating with the people we meet. Third, I have absolutely no idea what God wants to do through me in another country at such a time in my life but I am willing and excited about going to serve Him and His people. Although our agenda doesn’t say this, a part of my heart wants to minister to women who have gone through similar losses of losing children. Yes, it scares me to death to be so vulnerable with my team and with complete strangers that don’t speak my language…but I am willing.

For Those of You Who Pray

I know that many of you are still praying for Dale and I as we grieve the loss of our son Everett. Could you pray for me and my team and this trip? The Lord has laid 3 requests on my heart in preparation. There will be more requests -I will post them on this site!

1. Pray that our Team will be able to minister to the Guatemalan people in tangible ways.

2. Pray for God’s continued healing in my heart and that I would be able minister to other women.

3. Pray for Dale and Lindy as we determine the best schedule for Lindy while I am gone.

Another Way You can Get Involved

Since the death of our son, Everett, we have been overwhelmed by family, friends, and complete strangers who have blessed us with financial gifts for Everett’s memorial, hundreds of cards, gift cards for local restaurants, and meals for over a month. With all this generosity, Dale and I don’t feel that sending out support letters is appropriate. However, I am responsible for raising my trip cost of $1300 and I would like to give you the opportunity to support me! Since I have joined the team at a later time than most joined, I am on a tighter deadline to get everything together for the trip. Half of my trip costs are due June 1st.

To make the money thing look less daunting, I have broken it down into a few categories. I am looking for 2 people to donate $100, 10 people to donate $50, 10 people to donate $25, 10 people to donate $10. If you’d like to give a different amount than of the above, feel free to do so. If you would like to share financially in this ministry, you can make your checks payable to:

Allegheny Center Alliance Church

250 East Ohio Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Simply write, “Hannah Harris- Guatemala Team” in the memo space so the money is directed into the appropriate account.

God has been faithful to me for 27 years and I know that He will be faithful in providing the prayer and financial support that I need to go to Guatemala. Thank YOU in advance for your prayers, thoughts, and gifts. Check back often for Guatemala updates -I’ll have a special spot on this site for on-going request and updates. I look forward to sharing with you what God is doing.

thank you!


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