Everett Lee Miles Harris

My beautiful son, Everett was stillborn at 37 weeks due to a concealed placental abruption. He was 7lbs 2 oz at birth and absolutely perfect. We are changed because of his life and even though it is hard on certain days, we want to praise God for the little time we had with our son and encourage others who are hurting.

Our Son
Everett Lee Miles Harris

Born into Heaven March 1, 2009

Looking back, baby Everett’s last kicks were around 4:00 pm on Saturday, February 28th.

At 7:00 pm Hannah began to feel contractions. Excited that the baby could possibly join us that night, we called the doctor at 10:30, we thought labor was progressing.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:45 pm. The nurses put the digital stethoscope on Hannah’s belly and instantaneously the mood in the room changed. The nurses took turns looking for the baby’s heartbeat, nurse after nurse poured into room. At that point, we knew we might have lost our baby.

Lindy was still in Dale’s arms, so he ran downstairs to pass her off to the babysitter. At the same time, Hannah was rushed into the operating room. A nurse came to tell Dale that they were performing an emergency c-section. He waited. Baby Everett was born at 12:17 am with no signs of life. The doctors worked on resuscitation. Twenty-five minutes later, the nurse returned to say that our baby was gone.

Later we would learn that we lost Everett due to a Concealed Placenta Abruption. The placenta had separated from the uterus, denying Everett oxygen. The typical warning signs that the placenta separated didn’t happen – no one, including the doctors, suspected that something was seriously wrong.

We had a check-up the day before and everything was perfect – he was fully formed, had a strong heart beat and chubby cheeks. The doctors could not tell us what caused the placenta to pull away. They assured us it was not the result of Hannah’s diabetes. She didn’t have high blood pressure. His death was just an accident – the probability of a Concealed Placenta Abruption happening is only one percent of one percent. Just a fluke.

We kept Everett with us in the hospital for a day and a half. We held him and cried with him and sang him songs. He got to meet his big sister and see how much his family loved him.

We know that Everett is with Jesus now, and we thank you for your love and support as we lay his body to rest.

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